Show Off Your DZP

Some more pictures received from DZP fans.  This one from Sendi Goss of her son Kody Goss and friend John Marinos #112.

Kody Goss - Welcome Back Kody!

John Marinos

Show Off Your DZP – Newest Picture!

hahahahaha – sent in by Kelli Adkins-Blackmon #512 – doing some face painting, shhhhhhh don’t tell him…

Below is Cowboy Bill #24 – He must be having a nightmare…

Show Off Your DZP – Robert Vogel #22

Robert Vogel submitted pictures of his brand new 2010 crf250 with a brand new decal kit that includes, well you know DZP!





SHOW OFF YOUR DZP – Adam Pankoke #7

Adam Pankoke submitted the below picture showing how his gear was customized with DZP on it, also can’t forget the DZP on his helmet.  Click image to see a larger version.


SHOW OFF YOUR DZP – Marky Flanders #65

If you have gear, helmets, graphics, or whatever, send DZP a picture of it!  We will post it here on the blog.

Marky Flanders submitted the below pictures to DZP showing off his graphics.  Click each thumb for a larger version.  Nice bike Marky!!

Power Plant Racing – Patrick Stojack’s Article Makes RacerXOnline!

Received an email from Patrick Stojack telling me about his article appearing on RacerXOnline, in the Racerhead section.  This is very cool, check it out…  Don’t forget to click on the link once in Racerhead, it takes you to, which is where you can read his article.  Check out the graphics by and the “DZP” on the fender..  You guys are awesome!  Oh great article too!

Front View fender
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