Seminole Tribe MX


Race scheduled for July 18th, 2010 at STMX.


STMX racing Sunday July 18th, 2010
Race is on the MX track

This race is going to be slightly different then others we have held.
This race is a “
One Moto” Format race.
But there is still a couple more things that will be different for the day.

The SX track, Pee Wee track and the Beginner track will be open for practice while the races are being held on the MX track.

Also, if any rider is signed up to race they are allowed to practice on any of the three track that they are normally allowed to practice on.

We are also open for any riders that would like to just come and practice for the day, riders don’t have to sign up for the race to practice.

Saturday will be normal practice day fee’s
$22.00 for Practice 6 years and older
$12.00 for Practice 5 years old and younger
$3.00 for all spectators,
4 years older and younger are free unless riding.

Please read below for Important notes, the
already set Race order and the
MX morning practice order.

$$ Gate, Practice, and Race Fee’s $$

When you get to STMX you will get one of three wrist bands,

1) Racing Wrist Band – $25.00
This band means you are paid for one class, and practice on any of the three tracks you are normally allowed to ride on.
Whether you are racing one, two or more classes you will pay for all of them as you enter the park at the front gate.
The rider must still go to Sign-up and register for the race or races they would like to be entered in.
Riders 5 years old and younger that want to race, pay the full $25.00 race fee.

Riders signing up to race must have their
Wrist Bands on their wrist on to sign-up,
sorry but NO EXCEPTIONS.

2) Practice Wrist Band – $22.00
This arm band means the rider can practice all day as if it were a regular practice day and ride on any track they are normally allowed to practice on except for the MX track while the races are being held. Riders that are 5 years old and younger will only pay their normal practice fee of $12.00

3) Spectator Arm Band – $5.00
Anyone that is not going to practice or race must pay a “Race Day” gate fee. Spectators that are 4 years old and younger are free.


Pee-Wee 4-6 & 7-9 & Mini Quad
Youth 12-15 & 45 plus
85cc 7-12 & 85cc 13-15
Lites “C”
65cc 6-11
“A” & “B” Lites
40 plus & Women
65cc Beginner & Pee-Wee Open
16-24 & 25 plus
MX Beginner
65cc Open
MX “A” & “B”
MX “C”
85cc Beginner
Lites Beginner
Quad “A”, “B”, & “C”

35 plus

One Response to Seminole Tribe MX

  1. guy says:

    i was going to go to that race but im going to hang out at stmx with my friend plus its no even part of the series but im going to race stmx august 8th on the sx its going to be sick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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