STMX Last Day Video

Scroll down for the UNEDITED FOOTAGE

Unedited Footage That Did Not Make It To The Video

Last Lap Unedited Footage

12 Responses to STMX Last Day Video

  1. rider lynch says:

    SHELLY that was a amazing video. i cant belive the track is shutting down, ya thundercross is a beautiful track but its far away. im sure every one is soooooooooo sad that the track is closing but i read today that they might relocate it, so my point is ALWAYS look at the bright side because somthing good always comes up. and good job on the video. and good by SEMINOLE TRIBE MOTOCROSS 😦 😦 😦 😦 :(.

  2. Doris Lynch says:

    Wow. That was a real tear-jerker. We first came to STMX to watch my friends son, Allen Sheppard, race about 5 or 6 years ago. For the last year we’ve been coming with our son, Rider (#72 85cc beg.), and his friend, Trevor (#11 50cc beg) and his family. Seminole is our “home” track. It’s where we practiced every weekend. It’s where we came together as a family and where we built many friendships. It’s where we cheered every racer as they came across the finish line. It was a comraderee that we brought to the other tracks where we raced. It was our extended family. I pray the tribe will reconsider but I will bear them no ill will if they don’t. STMX we are going to miss you!!

    Gary, Doris & Rider Lynch; Davey, Rickie, Rainee & Trevor Edwards

  3. greg & patty says:

    What a great video, thanks Shelley for all that you did for the track and the riders. Never cried before watching a motocross video before, but it happened.
    The best part of the 8 years was all of the great people we have met there.
    We will miss the track, but will remember all of the great times we had.

  4. Aussie Dors says:

    What a great video. I can’t wait to see the opening day video for the new track….one day!!

  5. Jim Bean says:

    Incredibal job Shelley!

  6. SG says:

    The video was not too long. It leaves you wanting more…………..just like the feeling when we pulled away from the Reservation

  7. SG says:

    Just watched again….. can’t get any better than that !! Incredible job…… you were almost taken out during the final salute lap, #90 was indecisive which way to go. I bet that bike looked even larger in the lens coming at ya. THANKS again for securing the memories for us all.

  8. Kelli 512 says:

    omg the video was so sad! I cried through the whole thing, especially at the very end with the lil boy! GREAT VIDEO SHELLEY! but so sad to see that STMX is over, STMX was our stompin grounds for all of us local riders. Im going to CHERISH this video, great memories to look back at! STMX is in our HEARTS forever!

  9. Howard says:

    great video , sorry to see it end.

  10. doublezero says:

    There were a lot of folks who had left before the track did the Site Lap at the end of the day. Vid is kinda sappy and sad, but I guess that is just the mood I am in….

    Could not post the vid on Youtube because they blocked the audio. Quality is not as good via WordPress. Thanks for the good times STMX! I am sending this video to the tribe.

    See ya at the track, somewhere!

    • Ivan Z says:

      Great video,
      Thank you for all the great pictures and videos thru the years !!!
      I hope that watching this moves the tribe people enough to reconsider….

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