Dean Dyess

Dean Dyess interviewing Brinsley Dyess at round 6 of the Florida Motocross Series Thundercross MX Park 11/01/09

Enter your caption in the comments section below.  You can click the image to get a little bit larger view..


27 Responses to Dean Dyess

  1. Dean Dyess says:

    his going to no my names his my brother this picture rely when he said you can beat more boys than that

  2. Hoffman 77 says:

    Dang, What’s this kid’s name ?

  3. brinsley says:

    yeah right he loves la granja food

  4. Jordan Swingle says:

    Jordan Swingle #161 is continuing to recover well!! Went for
    his first Doctor’s visit since being released from the hospital
    today. He needs to wear a brace on his back for around 3 months
    for the vertebrae to heal properly and will be having a series
    of CT scans of his brain to monitor the swelling and area where
    he had the bleed. Please feel free to call, visit or text him,as
    he needs the stimulation to help with his continued recovery.

    Bill Swingle

  5. wellington says:

    Dean (to himself)”La Granga food…not my thing”

  6. WWMX...Erik # 5 says:

    “oh jeez…dont i have to see you enough at home !!”

  7. Carreiro 991 says:

    (dean)”dang, i better step my game up…she’s getting faster then me!”

  8. matt karwat says:

    “brinsley” Bro how did you hit your head again…..your not even riding!!!!

  9. Dean Dyess says:

    I was actually like what the heck!! you can beat more boys then that! I was upset

  10. Ryan Amoils says:

    what should i say again?

  11. Brinsley says:

    i wish muth

  12. Muth says:

    “Why did I bet her $50 that she wouldn’t win”

  13. abel 9 says:

    well thanks

  14. Huey #124 says:

    this it ” brinsley when are you not winning can we get somebody else in here “

  15. Brinsley says:

    thats gay abel

  16. abel 9 says:

    i thought dad said u left all ready

  17. Brinsley says:

    haha not funny mikey and my bro don’t drink so yea and it hard to rember all my sponsors lol

  18. Mikey says:

    Brinsley, when you are thanking your sponsors at least get there names right, its IN MOTION GRAFIX, not Motion In Grafix….

  19. deo 21 says:

    dam i have such a hang over!

  20. guy says:

    really iv seen videos of brinsley but iv never met her shes really really good at riding!!!

  21. Niklas Smigel says:

    Gosh this is gonna be a long day can’t she just remember all her sponsors?

  22. Andrew Barbieri says:

    Give me a second I know your name…

  23. Gregg Ditzian says:

    Dad she gave me a headache

  24. Brinsley says:


  25. Anonymous says:

    I forgot your my sister!

  26. doublezero says:

    Oh, it’s you again!!

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