Interview – Antony Carreiro

Well, I have known this young man for several years now, and if you have ever seen Antony race, then you know he puts on a show!  He is fast with great style, and is a threat to anyone who lines up next to him for a race.  Antony is all business on the track, but in the pits he is one of the nicest guys you will ever meet.


Okay, about your first name, Antony, how many folks get the spelling incorrect?


Pretty much everybody until I tell them they’re wrong lol.  But I’m used to it so it’s all good.

How long have you been on a bike?

I’ve had a bike since I was 4 yrs-old, but I lived in Brazil with my Mom then, and the bike was kept here with my dad. I didn’t start riding really until November of 2002, when I moved back to the USA.

DZP: Biggest competition?

Well, there’s a lot of competition out here in Florida, but I always try to keep in my head that the only competition is the track itself.  I try not to worry about any other riders.

Do you have a Man Friend? If so, how does he help you at the races? (Note: “Man Friend” does not mean what you are thinking folks.  haha )

Kiko and Tharsis.  We always travel together to the races and help each other out with whatever’s needed on race day, regardles of what it is.

DZP: What is your training program?

I go to the gym 3 to 4 times a week, and try to make it to the track at least once a week, (even though that barely ever happens lol).

Talk a little bit about your typical race day.

I prefer to wake up at the track already as to driving early in the morning. I take a look at the track before practice, then after practice i just try to keep up with the line changes before my motos. Other than that, I just hang out with everybody and listen to music.

I always see a lot going on in your pit area on race day, what goes on there?

Haha, that’s because I’m BRAZILIAN!  That’s just the way we are. It’s like we’re all one big family and everyone’s just helping each other out with everything and just hanging out.  Sometimes we even have a grill out and cooking some BBQ during the races. I love it.

Got any good jokes?

not really…sorry lol

How did you do during the South Florida Motocross Series in the fall?

I did okay I guess. I got two second overalls, in both the 250B and the 250 Open classes.  I could have done better if it wasn’t for my bike braking down the first three rounds.

How did you do in the South Florida Motocross Winter Series race at STMX this past weekend?

It went pretty solid I’d say.  I came out with a second place in the 16-24, and a first in the 250B.

Who do you prefer to be lined up next to on the gate and why?

umm…..Taylor Ditzian on one side and Ian Chia on the other. we always put on a show haha.

Favorite battle (from all the years you have been racing), between you and another rider, that you would like to share with everyone?

I don’t really remember any that stand out…but pretty much every race there’s a cool battle going on in at least one of my motos.

2010 Race Schedule planned?

I plan to finish the South Florida Winter Series, do some local STMX races for sure, hopefully the Gold Cup Series, Mini O’s, and about Loretta’s i’m not quite sure yet. We’ll see what happens.

Favorite moto website?

Is that question even legal?  DOUBLE ZERO PRODUCTIONS OF COURSE!  (haha, thanks Antony)


Union MX racing, Suan Auto, JMX racing, Get Dirty Clothing Co., Miami MX, and Gnarly MX suspension….

What do you spend time doing when you are not racing or training?

WORK, and more work, hang out with my girlfriend and my friends, and that’s pretty much it.

Special thanks to?

First of all the Lord Jesus Christ for always taking care of me, then my Dad Tony for being there for me since day one, my team owner Braulio Carvalho for hookin it up for me this year, my mechanic Jeovanne for keeping the machine running, Lazaro for helping out with the track for me to practice on, my girlfriend, friends, and family that are always there for me at the races, and of course you Shelley from DZP for always getting the best pictures and videos of me…you’re the best!


Joe LaFalce Interview


joe2Joe LaFalce has been racing for many years, and with this being one of his first few attempts at an outdoor national, I was very excited to see him make the program at Southwick! Congratulations to Joe and his family!

Questions By Shelley Walker

DZP: Joe, you made the program at Southwick, which I personally think is GREAT, so how do you feel about that?

Joe: Yeah it feels really good to have something you’ve worked really hard at for a long time happen.

DZP:  Give us the rundown on your day at Southwick.

Joe: Well the normal day is Friday tech inspection and sound check at 3 p.m, but it ended up with me missing all of that and arriving at the track at 7 p.m.  I was stuck in traffic in New York and Connecticut, so I walked up to tech inspection and they were closed and I had to ask the A.M.A if they even had room at that point and luckily they had some spots left after everyone was signed up.

Saturday I was first practice.  It was a brisk 50 degrees and raining so that didn’t make for the greatest of riding conditions, I just went out early in practice got away from a lot of the guys who ride around during the practice and just set a good lap time, and it seemed to stick after practice was all said and done I was 36th fastest which is great because I didn’t have to ride the LCQ.

First moto was at 1 p.m so I go up and try and find a decent gate and I am way outside.  Ended up with a bad start and crashed in the 3rd corner, got up went from 30th to 23rd in 2 laps then I high sided off an uphill and crashed and proceeded to DNF that moto ended up with 36th. 2nd moto was at 3p.m got another outside gate, got a better jump this moto and hit a bunch of down riders in the 1st turn.  Got around them and passed a few guys and about a lap later I was in a outside line that came into the inside one and hit Christophe Pourcel, and ended up going down and getting stuck under the bike.  I got up and realized my visor was broke so I rode to the mechanics area and had my friend push it way up so it didn’t bounce around, so at this point I was a lap down, and then I just decided to go out and finish the moto and try and salvage my day without another DNF.

DZP: Who was your competition at Southwick?

Joe: Myself really, just trying to stay calm and realize it was just another race.

DZP: You have been racing a long time, how did you get involved in riding dirt bikes?

Click for larger view.

Joe: Well I’ve been racing since I was 9 years old and my passion for dirtbikes came when I was about 6, when I went to a few races with the Coutures and the Tampa Sx in 1996 that’s really how it all started.

DZP: Explain a little bit about your training program.

Joe: I have a really great program with Zach Ische at Fitness For Life, we work out 3 days a week and we work on a lot of cardio cycling, running,sprints and we also do strength training too those days are usually the worst he really pushes me.

DZP: Who were you lined up next to at the gate for the first Moto?

Joe: I was outside next to Hibbert and Picone.

DZP: Who is your mechanic?

Joe: Brook Thorpe, he does a hell of a job keeping my bikes together, if it wasn’t for him I am pretty sure my bikes would just be in pieces in my garage.

DZP: Did you do anything special to your bike to prepare for this race?

Joe: I just put on some gnarly sand tires, my bike is really great already didn’t want to change something that works and mess it up

DZP:  What’s your ride?

Joe: I ride a 2008 Honda CRF250 and 2007 Honda CRF 450.

DZP: You have always been able to do well in the mud/sand, what tips do you have for other riders?

Joe: I think the most important thing is to keep up your momentum and try and find the smoothest lines that take less energy and help you last the whole moto so you can finish strong.

DZP: I like to ask this question. I would like to know what was going through your mind just before the gate dropped in the first moto?

Joe: I am not going to lie, I was super nervous and I just wanted to get a decent start and ride to the best of my abilities.

DZP: What are your plans for upcoming races, what is your schedule?

Joe: I will probably do some South Florida Series races and Gold Cups to just get on the gate.  I will end up doing a few East Coast Supercross rounds, I feel like I ride it good so I guess we will see in March how it goes

DZP: What do you spend time doing when you are not racing or training?joe3

Joe: I am a pretty boring kid actually, I go to the movies and just hang out with my friends nothing to special.

DZP: I think I know this, but, what is your favorite place to eat?

Joe: Moes!  (I was right!)

DZP: Where can people keep tabs on you during your racing?

Joe: Facebook and Myspace

DZP:  Favorite Moto Website?

Joe: DZP of course, and VitalMX a close 2nd. (thanks Joe!)

DZP:  Sponsors?

Joe: My Mom and Dad are my biggest sponsors,  AXO, Impulse Graphx, Fitness for Life, O.N.S Suspension, Active 8 Racing, and Pirelli.

DZP:  Who would you like to give special thanks to?

Joe: My Mom and Dad, Brook Thorpe, and Zach Ische.  Words can’t do much for how much I appreciate all the wonderful things they have done to help me in my life and in my racing.

Thanks Joe, see you at the races!

Lucas Crespi Interview

Lucas at Seminole Tribe Motocross Pro/Am Race

Lucas at Seminole Tribe Motocross Pro/Am Race

If you didn’t already know, Floridian Lucas Crespi took a trip to Millville for the Lucas Oil Outdoor Nationals.  This was his PRO debut!  He made the program and placed overall in the top 20.

First time I saw Lucas was at Air Dania, here in South Florida (65cc days), and it was not long before I realized this kid is crazy fast and has loads of talent, (I call him “Crazy Crespi”).

Click for wallpaper version - Lucas is 691 - Millville Start

Click for wallpaper version - Lucas is 691 - Millville Start

Lucas proved to himself, and opened our eyes, to the fact that he has what it takes!  I watched the 250’s this past weekend on speed and they showed Lucas on the gate at the start, pretty cool.  Look for Lucas, his national number is 691.  Lucas also raced this past weekend in Washougal, and again made the program, placing in the top 20.  I believe he was all the way up to 15th at one point.  Lucas has been very consistent at both Millville and Washougal.

Questions by Erica Walker:

Erica:  First of all, congratulations on your finish at Millville! How did it feel waiting on the gate at your first pro National?
Lucas:  Thanks, I was really pumped on the whole deal. I was just trying not to think too much on the gate. It was my first pro National, but I was trying not to let that get into my head.

Erica:  Who were you lined up next to on the gate?
Lucas:  Willy Browning and Tucker Hibbert

Erica:  What was going through your mind right before the gate dropped?
Lucas:  I was thinking it was just another day of practice, at Randys pit or Croom. I was going out to do another 40 minute moto.

Click for a slightly larger image

Click for a slightly larger image

Erica:  How did you hook up with BBMX?
Lucas:  I hooked up with the Butler Brothers way back in the Air Dania days. I knew them when i was growing up on 60s and 80s. They always helped me out with riding pointers and it just progressed from there. Once I got on 80s they started a team, and started to help me out too. Its been like that ever since, and most of my friends say I am the 5th brother. Without the help of them I probably wouldn’t be racing today.

Erica:  How’s next season looking for you? Are you going to race Supercross for BBMX?
Lucas:  Right now I am looking at doing the East Coast Lites with BBMX. I haven’t really thought about it to much, the outdoors are my main focus right now.

Erica:  Everyone has something or someone that motivates them to win. What motivates you?
Lucas:  Knowing what I would be doing if it wasn’t for racing. Also just having the dream of racing motocross for a living, its everything I have ever wanted since I started riding.

Erica:  I hear your cross-over sport is surfing.. Does this help you with racing? If so, how?
Lucas:  Surfing and motocross really don’t compare to much. I know my shoulders are way stronger. I do try to hit my turns riding like cutting back surfing just how you flow. I am also doing the SurferCross next weekend in California so that should be pretty cool.

Erica:  What’s your current training program?
Lucas:  Well after I graduated high school I quit my job and have just been riding. I am staying with the Keylon family in Brooksville for the rest of the outdoor season. Kyle and I ride everyday, go to the gym with a trainer and road bike.

Erica:  What are your best memories from your amateur career?
Lucas:  It being over. Ha. My amateur career wasn’t to great I was always fast, but held up with going to school and having a job. I would have to say getting second at Loretta’s on a 60. Going to the U.S. Open on an 80.

Erica:  Favorite moto website?
Lucas:  MotoTalk, Racerx, Transworld, DZP

Erica:  Where can we keep tabs on you? Facebook, Twitter, Myspace?
Lucas:  Myspace.

Erica:  Who would you like to thank?
Lucas:  My Mom and Dad, Butler Brothers Mx, Josh Marsh (my awesome mechanic), The Keylon Family, Randy Yoho, DNA Energy Drink,, Honda, Fly Racing, Bel-Ray, WMI motors, Vortex, FMF, Wiseco, Smith, FLY Formula helmet , Stellar Mx, Factory Connection Suspension, ASMF, ICW, Dunlop, QTM / Talon, RK, Applied, CV4, Twin-Air, MX Press, Sponsorhouse, Polisport, Devol, ASV, Pit Posse, Ogio, Leatt Brace, Alpinestars, Engine Ice, Kinetic Animation, Group D, Seminole Tribe Mx, FLmx, VP Racing fuel,Down South Players, and the Thundercross Crew.

Thanks Lucas and best of luck in your pro career!


Brad Bollmann – What’s up!

We recently caught up with DZP Rider Brad Bollmann, because we wanted to  find out what he’s been up to lately.  The Bollmann Family has been a main staple in South Florida motocross since their peewee days at Air Dania.  Brad’s twin sister Alyssa also has raced since her peewee days!  If you don’t know Brad or the Bollmann Family then you are missing out!  Brad IS the most polite and caring person you would want to meet, but on the track, he is all business!

Click Image - If you want to see a larger version.

Click Image - If you want to see a larger version.


Questions by Erica Walker

Erica:  What have you been up to lately?
BRAD:  Whats up everyone! I know I’ve been missing in action. Well, for those who don’t know, I re-injured my knee at the Loretta Lynn qualifier. It was intended to be my first race back, just getting my feet wet again and getting back on the gate. I ended up over-jumping the big table single in the back of Seminole and ended up re-injuring my knee. So that’s where we stand now. As for what I’ve been up to, just graduated high school, been doing some vacationing and getting ready to start college here within the next month.

Erica:  Give us the info on your injury.
BRAD:  I tore my ACL. It’s a big ligament in your knee. I could ride with it torn but after years of that it’s not worth what comes in the future, which is an entire knee replacement. Surgery is scheduled for Tuesday, July 14th.

brad71509_1DZP: Update on the surgery – Talked to Brad and he is doing great, he has one more surgery scheduled in about 4 weeks.

Erica:  When will you be able to ride again?
BRAD:  This, I’m not sure of. I’m gonna do things a lot different this time around, seeing as it’s my second time tearing it. I’m gonna be hitting the gym a lot, getting back into shape and making sure this knee is at 110% before I step back on a bike.

Erica:  How do you plan on getting back into shape and what are your plans for staying competitive?
BRAD:  Like I said I’m gonna be in the gym a lot and working out hard until I get back on a bike. I can assure that when I do start riding I’ll be in the best shape I’ve been in on a bike. I’ve had A LOT of down time unfortunately and with any injury a rider sustains it gets he or she in a mental position where you just want it that much more and you come back stronger. That’s my plan. Also, I’ve been personal training on my spare time as well as doing small group training.

Erica:  Your family seems like a pretty tight knit crew – don’t you guys ever fight?
BRAD:  I got the best behind me! Really, if it wasn’t for my family I wouldn’t be where I am today. As for the the fighting, I mean all families fight and it’s either a mistake that someone on the team has made or it could just be one of those race days where I can’t get it together and it deserves a little piece of the entire crew’s mind. Haha.

Erica:  So, what exactly is DFB?
BRAD:  DFB was a riding crew I started back in the day. There are a few Florida crews and there’s a bunch throughout the States, but I think DFB is the realist! Hahaha. I Rep DFB all day every day!

Erica:  What are your future plans? College? Racing?brad_71509_2
BRAD:  My future is gonna be busy. I’m enrolled in college and start classes in the fall. Racing is always gonna be something I do and these injuries aren’t gonna hold me back from achieving my goal, which is getting my pro license and racing with the big dawgs.

Erica:  Who’s your top pick for the pro outdoor series?
BRAD:  I’d like to see Grant win the 450 class that’d be cool.

Erica:  Let J-Law ride?
BRAD:  For sure! The man’s got talent, let ‘em shine.

Erica:  Who would you like to thank?
BRAD:  I’d like to thank my Mom, Dad and my sister, P3 racing, GB works, Jack and the entire crew at Seminole Tribe Motocross, In-Motion Grafix’s, Shelley At DoubleZeroProductions and all the hard work she puts in, O’neal, Scott, RickCase Powerhouse, Rich Kid Clothing And anyone else I forgot, thank you.

Erica:  Thanks Brad, see you at the tracks soon!

Interview with Nick Dionne/Dionne Racing!

dionneDionne Racing has been around for ever!  As long as I can remember they have been involved in Florida Motocross supporting the riders.  Lots of good times at the track!  Nick and his father Greg still go to all the races on a regular basis.  Look for them at the races!

Dionne Racing will be at Dade City this coming weekend for the Florida Series Race!

Questions by DZP:

DZP:  How long have you been in business?

Nick:  We have been building bikes since early 2000.

DZP:  How did your Dad get started with Dionne Racing?

Nick:  Back in 1998 he had an accident working on heavy equipment where he fell off an excavater and exploded his shoulder and weve been working on bikes ever since.

DZP:  Tell me about your childhood racing and your Dad supporting the riders through the years.

Nick:  I got my first bike when I was 3 on Christmas day.  It started out as just a hobby on the weekends for me and my dad to spend time together, and it was all downhill from there.  Ever since I can remember weve been helping a lot of the top pro riders at the races and a good number of amateurs as well, and its been snow-balling to this day.

DZP:  What are you most proud of?

Nick:  Im proud of a lot of things, but if I had to pick one it would be getting the overall for the 2001 Grand Prix race at Okeechobee FL when i was 14!

DZP:  Explain a little bit about Dionne Racing.

Nick:  Dionne Racing is a motocross shop based in Punta Gorda FL.  We build motors and suspensions for a number of top pro riders, as well as amatuers, across the US.  We also have a number of products to reduce wear and tear of bikes such as clutch springs and our new exhaust bracket.

DZP:  What is your specialty?

Nick:  Our main focus is headwork for four strokes at this time, and building and maintaining race bikes for our riders..

DZP:  Do you sponsor any riders?

Nick:  We sponsor a number of riders across the United States.  One of our pro riders, Jay Weller of New York, has been up and coming for quite some time and is looking to race the pro supercross tour next season.  Another pro rider of Florida we sponsor is Derek Hall, who we help out with support at all the races week in and week out.

DZP:  What races do you currently attend?

Nick:  We attend a number of races, including the Florida Series which is promoted by Dean Dyess.  We also attend the Sponsor Cup Races at Dade City on Saturday nights.  Also, be on the lookout for us at Loretta Lynns.

DZP:  What is the best way for someone to get in touch with you?

Nick:  If your looking to get in touch with us, our shop number is 239-573-7223 or 239-633-0402.

DZP:  Is there a website for Dionne Racing?

Nick: – Coming Soon!

DZP:  Thanks so much Nick!

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