RCSX Race Results 2011


450 A/Pro Sport

Jessy Nelson

250 A/Pro Sport

Kory Keylon

450 B

Pup Whatley

250 B

Claudio Leoc

450 C

Cole Mclean

250 C

Hunter Harbin

50cc (4-6)

Reed Cooper

50cc (7-8)

Ethan Mann

65cc (10-11)

Enzo Lopez

65cc (7-9)

Ethan Mann

65cc Unltd (7-11)

Enzo Lopes

85cc (12-15)

Keith Tucker

85cc (7-11)

Jordan Bailey

85cc (9-13)

Alexander Frye

College (17-24)

Kyle Goerke

Junior 25 Plus

Zackary Lundy

Masters 45 Plus

Earl May

Mini Dvlpmt (12-15)

Brandon Rogers

Schoolboy 1 (12-16)

Cooper Webb

Schoolboy 2 (13-16)

Anthony Rodriguez

Senior 40 Plus

Barry Carsten

Super Mini (12-16)

Cooper Webb

Vet 30 Plus

Mike Treadwell

Vet 35 Plus

Earl May

Women (14+)

Serratia Gonzalez

Daytona Supercross Links 2011



Vurb Moto’s Virtual Track Map

Daytona International Speedway Website

Daytona Twitter Link

Saturday, March 5th
12:30pm-12:38pm Lites Group C Free Practice
12:40pm-12:48pm Lites Group B Free Practice
12:50pm-12:58pm Lites Group A Free Practice
1:00pm-1:08pm SX Group A Free Practice
1:10pm-1:18pm SX Group B Free Practice
1:20pm-1:28pm SX Group C Free Practice
1:30pm-1:40pm Lites Group B Qualifying Practice
1:45pm-1:55pm Lites Group C Qualifying Practice
2:00pm-2:10pm Lites Group A Qualifying Practice
2:15pm-2:25pm SX Group A Qualifying Practice
2:30pm-2:40pm SX Group B Qualifying Practice
2:45pm-2:55pm SX Group C Qualifying Practice
3:45pm-3:55pm Lites Group C Qualifying Practice
4:00pm-4:10pm Lites Group B Qualifying Practice
4:15pm-4:25pm Lites Group A Qualifying Practice
4:30pm-4:40pm SX Group A Qualifying Practice
4:45pm-4:55pm SX Group B Qualifying Practice
5:00pm-5:10pm SX Group C Qualifying Practice
7:00pm-7:30pm Opening Ceremonies
7:30pm-7:40pm Supercross Lites Heat #1- 6 laps, 20 riders
7:40pm-7:50pm Supercross Lites Heat #2- 6 laps, 20 riders
7:50pm-8:00pm Supercross Heat #1- 8 laps, 20 riders
8:00pm-8:10pm Supercross Heat #2- 8 laps, 20 riders
8:30pm-8:40pm Supercross Lites Last Chance Qualifyer- 4 laps, 22 riders(1-2 to Main)
8:40pm-8:50pm Supercross Last Chance Qualifyer- 6 laps, 22 riders (1-2 to Main)
8:55pm-9:00pm Supercross Lites Parade Lap
9:00pm-9:20pm Supercross Lites Main Event- 15 laps, 20 riders
9:30pm-9:50pm Supercross Main Event- 20 laps, 20 riders

A few things different this year for Daytona – first, the Supercross race is officially known as the Daytona Supercross by Honda. Second, this weekend is the start of “Daytona 200 Week’, with Daytona International Speedway hosting the 70th annual Daytona 200 road race next Saturday. Fourth, on the Ricky Carmichael designed track, there is a new start area – with a shorter start straight that goes into a 90 degree left hand corner.

Here is the schedule for this year’s “Daytona 200 Week”:

  • Saturday March 5 – Daytona Supercross by Honda
  • Sunday March 6 – Ricky Carmichael Daytona Amateur Supercross
  • Wednesday March 9 – XDL
  • Thursday March 10 – AMA Pro Road Racing practice, AMA Pro Flat Track, XDL
  • Friday March 11 – AMA Pro Road Racing practice and Qualifying, AMA Pro Flat Track, XDL
  • Saturday March 12 – 70th annual Daytona 200
  • Supercross.com’s Daytona Supercross by Honda race coverage will be easily accessible via our home page http://www.supercross.com

Other links:

You can also call Daytona International Speedway directly for any information on the Daytona 200 Week, phone 1-800-PITSHOP (748-7467)

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Daytona SX Amateur Day

Was not on the track the entire day, had to get my credentials worked out, (thanks to Billy Wood from FLMX for setting it all up), then in the medic building with Taylor for a while. Took me a good part of the day just to figure out where the best places were to stand. Daytona track is very strict where we can stand to take pictures. But all in all, it was a good day.  I missed a lot of races and I did not get pictures of some of DZP’s best supporters.  I am very sorry if I missed you…



Florida riders that placed top 10 list is at the bottom of this post.

Weekend was great, but I was over the cold for sure! Saturday Lites Class was awesome to watch and Sunday’s Amateur event was just as exciting! There were riders from all over the country at the first Annual RC Daytona Amateur National. Florida racers were there to win.

I have never seen a more organized crew than at this race. The flaggers were absolutely awesome, and the medic staff, which seemed like 50 of them, surrounded the track the entire day. I swear there was one every 20 feet. When there was a crash the medical folks were there in seconds. The day went like clock work, very organized.

There were a lot of DZP shirts floating around Saturday and Sunday, thank you everyone, and especially Mr. Joe Keel from InMotion Grafix for making the shirts and bringing them to Daytona! I met a lot of new people over the weekend, which is nice, and I always enjoy seeing everyone else that I have known throughout the years.

Derek Hall Wins 450 A/Pro Sport Class - Click Image For Larger Version

Donald Solley Won the 250 A /Pro Sport - Click Image To Enlarge

Kyle Goerke With The Hole Shot - Click Image For Larger View

RC watching Sunday morning practice.

During the National Anthem - Click Image For Larger Version

(Below) Brinsley had to play catch-up because she was taken out as the gate dropped.  Sequence pictures were taken.

Brinsley Dyess - Click Image To Enlarge

Seth Block Way Out Front - Click Image To Enlarge

Flanders - Click Image To Enlarge

Florida riders who placed top 10.

Name – Place – Number

450 A/Pro Sport

Derek Hall – 1st – 638

Johnathon Camp – 3rd – 13

Mike Barrett – 4th – 279

Forrest Smith – 7th – 705

Taylor McDonald – 8th – 62

450 B

Larry Partin – 1st – 419

Darryl Lind – 3rd – 904

Brandon Westberry – 4th – 738

Marky Flanders – 8th – 65

James Gaines – 10th – 735

450 C

Daua Andreoli 1st – 118

Jack Sigismondi – 2nd – 231

Hunter Harbin – 3rd – 33

Cole Collier – 4th – 258

Rob Fox – 6th – 10

Henry Camejo – 9th – 2

250 A/Pro Sport

Donald Solley – 1st – 115

Taylor McDonald – 7th – 62

250 B

Kyle Goerke – 1st – 89

Kory Keylon – 2nd – 310

Jordan Hoover – 7th – 37

Brandon Westberry – 10th – 738

250 C

Jack Sigismondi – 1st – 231

Mike Bretzel – 2nd – 21

Cole Collier – 3rd – 258

Daua Andreoli – 5th – 118

Hunter Harbin – 6th – 33

Henry Camejo – 8th – 2

College (17-24)

Kyle Goerke – 1st – 89

Derek Hall – 2nd – 638

Brandon Westberry – 3rd – 738

Mike Barrett – 7th – 279

Anthony Carreiro – 8th – 991

Junior 25 Plus

Darryl Lind – 1st – 20

Brooke Thorpe – 5th – 197

Iain Grae – 7th – 293

Vet 30 Plus

David Wells – 10th – 505

Vet 35 Plus

Earl May – 1st – 82

Brian Rodrigues – 5th – 253

Dan Sallas – 7th – 711

Jason Landers – 8th – 85

Henry Camejo – 9th – 2

Brent Driscoll – 10th – 301

Senior 40 Plus

Earl May – 1st – 82

Bradley Kadau – 2nd – 9

James Nagy – 3rd – 11

Jason Landers – 4th – 85

Al Matarazzo – 5th – 901

Thomas Ackerman – 6th – 895

Henry Camejo – 9th – 2

50cc (4-6) AMA Stock

Cody Russell – 1st – 95

Gavin Smith 2nd – 423

Vincent Valente – 3rd – 14

Colin Dellarco – 5th – 87

Chase Obar – 7th – 16

Brayden Gibson – 8th – 128

50cc (7-8)

Cullin Park – 1st – 43

Daniel McCullon – 2nd – 392

Christian Dresser – 5th – 715

Maddax Spatafore – 8th – 116

Parker McGuire – 9th – 22

65cc (7-9)

Dylan Greer – 1st – 4

Ethan Woods – 2nd – 100

Cullin Park – 5th – 43

65cc (10-11)

Chase Fasnacht – 3rd – 30

Colton Eigenmann – 6th – 815

Hannah Hodges – 7th – 172

Ty Casey – 8th – 31

65cc Unlimited (7-11)

Colton Eigenmann – 3rd – 815

Dylan Greer – 5th – 4

Mathieu Simon – 10th – 63

85cc (7-11)

Ramyller Alvez – 2nd – 222

Colton Eigenmann – 6th – 815

Skylar Demuth – 8th – 23

85cc (9-13)

Kevin Steele – 2nd – 821

Drew Swenson – 9th – 31

85cc (12-15)

Cameron Fasnacht – 4th – 37

Super Mini (12-16)

Cody Chisholm – 2nd – 32

Bradford Young – 4th – 124

Cameron Fasnacht – 5th – 37

Joey Keel – 10th – 89

Schoolboy 1 (12-16)

RJ Hampshire – 1st – 27

Bryson Taylor – 3rd – 21

Bodie Colangelo – 5th – 43

Pedro Silva – 6th – 127

Bradford Young – 7th – 124

Devon Viera – 10th – 29

Schoolboy 2 (13-16)

Kory Keylon – 2nd – 310

RJ Hampshire – 4th – 27

Jeremy Winslow – 6th – 9

Bryson Taylor – 8th – 21

Bodie Colangelo – 9th – 43

Women 14+

Kelsey Morris 1st – 17

Serratia Gonzalez – 2nd – 16

Victoria Pearce – 4th – 66

Brinsley Dyess – 7th – 95

Leila Mullen – 8th – 19

Kimi Steindl – 10th – 701

Masters 45 Plus

Earl May – 1st – 82

Al Matarazzo – 2nd – 901

Daryl Thiel – 4th – 741

Tom Magee – 7th – 27

Kyle Tallent – 8th – 565

Sam Allen – 9th – 929

Ricky Carmichael Daytona Amateur Supercross Championship


Contact: DIS Public Relations



January 11, 2010

Daytona, MX Sports Announce Ricky Carmichael
Daytona Amateur Supercross Championship

MORGANTOWN, W. VA. — MX Sports, producer of the AMA Amateur National Motocross Championships, is pleased to announce the formation of two new and exciting opportunities for amateur riders. The inaugural Ricky Carmichael Daytona Amateur Supercross Championship will take place on Sunday, March 7 at Daytona International Speedway, and on Monday, March 8, Carmichael will then host Ricky Carmichael University, the first public riding school ever hosted by the 15-Time AMA National Champion.

Both events will take place after the Daytona Supercross By Honda on Saturday, March 6, where those amateur families will have the opportunity to see the best stars in AMA Supercross, such as Chad Reed and James Stewart, battle in America’s toughest, most challenging Supercross event of the year.

“This is an unprecedented opportunity for amateur racers to ride at Daytona International Speedway,” said Tim Cotter, director of MX Sports. “Every horsepower buff knows what Daytona stands for. It is the heartbeat of the racing universe, and now amateur riders will have the opportunity to race on these storied grounds and learn from the Greatest of All-Time.”

“I’m super pumped to be involved with this,” said Carmichael, a five-time Daytona Supercross By Honda champion. “I feel like Daytona is one of my racing homes, and to be able to give back to the sport like this will be awesome. You never forget your roots. For the riders, this is an amazing opportunity to race on the Daytona track. I’m really looking forward to sharing my knowledge with them.”

MX Sports will organize the event by utilizing their nearly 30 years of experience operating the AMA Amateur National Motocross Championship at Loretta Lynn Ranch. The class structure will include 25 classes for youth riders on 50cc bikes all the way up to vet and senior classes. The race will follow a supercross format, using heat races and last-chance qualifiers to seed the field of riders into a main event in each class. Unlike the Loretta Lynn Ranch format, riders do not need to qualify at other races in advance in order to participate in the Daytona event. Full online signup information is posted on MXSports.com.

While amateur riders have competed at Daytona before, the Ricky Carmichael University event on Monday, March 8, is an unprecedented opportunity. The Ricky Carmichael University will feature the legendary Supercross champion and his team sharing exclusive riding secrets during a one-day-only Supercross camp on the Daytona track. It marks the first time amateur racers have had the opportunity to tap into the techniques and skills of the Greatest of All-Time.

The amateur track will run a basic layout similar to the Daytona Supercross By Honda with changes made to accommodate amateur and youth riders. Amateur riders and their families are encouraged to come down early and camp on the Daytona infield, where hookups are available.

“Both of these two events are great additions to our busy motorcycle schedule,” Daytona International Speedway President Robin Braig said. “Our Supercross course is legendary around the country and it’s a special opportunity for these amateur riders to test their skills on it, as well as learn from a legend such as Ricky Carmichael.”

Full information on the race and riding school is available at www.mxsports.com. For more information call 304-284-0101.

About MX Sports
MX Sports, Inc. is a Morgantown, West Virginia-based motocross production company. The group coordinates the AMA Amateur National Motocross Championships, which includes a national qualifying program consisting of 52 Area Qualifying races held annually from February through May and 12 Regional Championship races conducted in June at select motocross facilities across the country. The national championship event is held during the first week of August at the home of country music star Loretta Lynn in Hurricane Mills, Tenn. For more information, please visit www.mxsports.com.

For all information regarding the 2010 Ricky Carmichael Daytona Amateur Supercross (ASX) Championship at Daytona International Speedway on Sunday, March 7 & the Ricky Carmichael University (RCU) on Monday, March 8 see links below.

You may view information tabs at the top under SUPERCROSS or by clicking the links below.


QUESTION: Will we be riding the same track as the Pro’s?

ANSWER: Yes, however, it will be scaled down to accommodate amateur riders.

QUESTION: Do we have to qualify in advance to enter this event?

ANSWER: No. Anyone can register for this event. Be sure to check the rules and available classes to see what you may register for.

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