DZP Rider Skylar Demuth – His 2009 Loretta’s Story

Skylar Demuth - Click For Larger View

Skylar Demuth – Click For Larger View

DZP Rider Skylar Demuth had an interesting journey during the Loretta Qualifier’s this year. After a broken leg and training super hard for months, Skylar earned a spot at the Lake Whitney Regional Qualifiers for Loretta Lynn’s, and little did he know that he would have his chance ripped away.  Read on, the story gets better at the end!  Just goes to show, that you should never give up!

Posted by Eric Demuth on another forum:

This weekend at Lake Whitney my son raced the 65 ( 7-9 ) stock class for an opportunity to go to Lorettas.His moto finishes were 9-7-6 good enough for a guaranteed spot to Lorettas,so we thought…after celebrating his accomplishment we were blind- sided by what happened next…We went to the tower to get his trophy ,we were told he was docked 3 positions for cutting the track!! We were in disbelief and immediately called for the AMA referee. While reviewing the race moto 3 started really good,Skylar got a good start and was 3rd place thru the first corner and thru the big sweeper,as they made there way around the entire track and up to the bakers dozen whoop section, he was clearly in 3rd place as they entered the whoops. Skylar charged up the left side of the whoops,got squirrely,came off the left side of the track,slowed ,looked,and re-entered the whoops and continued racing. He clearly did not gain any positions on the race track ,and he did not impede any riders progress when he re-entered the whoops.The transponder verifies his race position after the whoops as 3rd place.Many witnesses including spectators ,parents, and riders verify my son did not commit an infraction…. After a lengthy discussion with the AMA referee Mr Richard White ,he said he did not see the infraction but said he received radio info and made his decision based on his people ,not an outside protest.Then after more explaining,and more facts were introduced Mr White then went into the tower and returned 10 minutes later with a new penalty of 2 positions for an infraction that never occurred! Based on the facts and the AMA rules,the rider did nothing wrong.He then said his decision was final and to send an appeal to the AMA.How can this happen? My son Skylar is crushed!! this is very UNFAIR…Please offer any help or opinions!

The forum was blowing up with all kinds of responses, with most of them agreeing that Skylar was totally ripped off!!  Below is an actual post from a reader:

I personally was standing at the tower when this race was going on because we were waiting for results to be posted. I happened to have been standing less than 100 yards away when this incident occurred. It is true that Demuth got out of shape in the whoops and it shot him out to the left (his left) off of the track. He missed about three whoops, however, he then looked back over his shoulder and re-entered just like he was suppose to. He did not pass anybody and no one passed him. He did everything just like he was suppose to do.

This is ridiculous that you are going through this when he clearly did everything he was suppose to do. This truly is a situation that it is too bad you dont have on camera – because there would not be any of this conversation taking place or energy wasted.

We attended three regionals this year – and we too witnessed “this is home cooking”. We know of another incident that occurred and the ref was not fair at all about the decision “again home cookin”.

We have learned that we need to start video taping everything!!!!

I was just informed by Eric Demuth of the following:

Shelly we recieved confirmation that our appeal was upheld and that there will be no penalty and the results will be revised again, giving Skylar his hard earned , well deserved, qualifing position to Lorettas.

Congrats Skylar!!!  Good luck at Loretta’s!!

About MX Sports and Loretta Lynn’s:

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In 2008, there were more than 31,000 attempts to qualify in the available 33 classes for the 1,386 available positions at the National final. The national event, dubbed “The World’s Greatest Motocross Vacation,”is held annually the first full week of August. As a testament to the significance of winning an AMA Amateur National Motocross title, most of today’s top motocross and supercross stars, including Ricky Carmichael, James Stewart, Kevin Windham and Ryan Villopoto, won championships at Loretta Lynn’s before graduating to the professional ranks.

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