DZP has a NEW BLOG and Redesigned Website

DZP’s url is exactly the same

The website is in the middle of an overhaul.  I switched service providers to save cash. As you may or may not know, most of the content from DZP’s website, that has been up for over ten years, has been removed.  Only items that were uploaded to this blog, are still online.  I have to cut costs and start over.  Every once in a while I will repost old content for fun.

We are still around, but not as involved as we used to be.  Became too expensive, after all these years, so needed to drastically cut back.

DZP’s SMUGMUG account is still active, so you can view pictures online that date back a few years, but all the real OLD stuff if off-line.

This blog has been replaced by a NEW blog, and you can find it through the website.

Thanks for being loyal, and hope to see you all real soon!  If you would like to contact DZP you can send an email to Shelley Walker by CLICKING HERE.


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