Congratulations to Lucas Crespi

Lucas won the Muscle Milk Award today at Unadilla and got a check for 500.00.  Awesome and so cool.  Congrat’s Lucas!!  I just listened to it on the live feed.

I had no idea what the Muscle Milk Award was, so I googled it, and found a Vid. Maybe they will have a vid of Lucas as well.

Lucas Crespi Interview

Lucas at Seminole Tribe Motocross Pro/Am Race

Lucas at Seminole Tribe Motocross Pro/Am Race

If you didn’t already know, Floridian Lucas Crespi took a trip to Millville for the Lucas Oil Outdoor Nationals.  This was his PRO debut!  He made the program and placed overall in the top 20.

First time I saw Lucas was at Air Dania, here in South Florida (65cc days), and it was not long before I realized this kid is crazy fast and has loads of talent, (I call him “Crazy Crespi”).

Click for wallpaper version - Lucas is 691 - Millville Start

Click for wallpaper version - Lucas is 691 - Millville Start

Lucas proved to himself, and opened our eyes, to the fact that he has what it takes!  I watched the 250’s this past weekend on speed and they showed Lucas on the gate at the start, pretty cool.  Look for Lucas, his national number is 691.  Lucas also raced this past weekend in Washougal, and again made the program, placing in the top 20.  I believe he was all the way up to 15th at one point.  Lucas has been very consistent at both Millville and Washougal.

Questions by Erica Walker:

Erica:  First of all, congratulations on your finish at Millville! How did it feel waiting on the gate at your first pro National?
Lucas:  Thanks, I was really pumped on the whole deal. I was just trying not to think too much on the gate. It was my first pro National, but I was trying not to let that get into my head.

Erica:  Who were you lined up next to on the gate?
Lucas:  Willy Browning and Tucker Hibbert

Erica:  What was going through your mind right before the gate dropped?
Lucas:  I was thinking it was just another day of practice, at Randys pit or Croom. I was going out to do another 40 minute moto.

Click for a slightly larger image

Click for a slightly larger image

Erica:  How did you hook up with BBMX?
Lucas:  I hooked up with the Butler Brothers way back in the Air Dania days. I knew them when i was growing up on 60s and 80s. They always helped me out with riding pointers and it just progressed from there. Once I got on 80s they started a team, and started to help me out too. Its been like that ever since, and most of my friends say I am the 5th brother. Without the help of them I probably wouldn’t be racing today.

Erica:  How’s next season looking for you? Are you going to race Supercross for BBMX?
Lucas:  Right now I am looking at doing the East Coast Lites with BBMX. I haven’t really thought about it to much, the outdoors are my main focus right now.

Erica:  Everyone has something or someone that motivates them to win. What motivates you?
Lucas:  Knowing what I would be doing if it wasn’t for racing. Also just having the dream of racing motocross for a living, its everything I have ever wanted since I started riding.

Erica:  I hear your cross-over sport is surfing.. Does this help you with racing? If so, how?
Lucas:  Surfing and motocross really don’t compare to much. I know my shoulders are way stronger. I do try to hit my turns riding like cutting back surfing just how you flow. I am also doing the SurferCross next weekend in California so that should be pretty cool.

Erica:  What’s your current training program?
Lucas:  Well after I graduated high school I quit my job and have just been riding. I am staying with the Keylon family in Brooksville for the rest of the outdoor season. Kyle and I ride everyday, go to the gym with a trainer and road bike.

Erica:  What are your best memories from your amateur career?
Lucas:  It being over. Ha. My amateur career wasn’t to great I was always fast, but held up with going to school and having a job. I would have to say getting second at Loretta’s on a 60. Going to the U.S. Open on an 80.

Erica:  Favorite moto website?
Lucas:  MotoTalk, Racerx, Transworld, DZP

Erica:  Where can we keep tabs on you? Facebook, Twitter, Myspace?
Lucas:  Myspace.

Erica:  Who would you like to thank?
Lucas:  My Mom and Dad, Butler Brothers Mx, Josh Marsh (my awesome mechanic), The Keylon Family, Randy Yoho, DNA Energy Drink,, Honda, Fly Racing, Bel-Ray, WMI motors, Vortex, FMF, Wiseco, Smith, FLY Formula helmet , Stellar Mx, Factory Connection Suspension, ASMF, ICW, Dunlop, QTM / Talon, RK, Applied, CV4, Twin-Air, MX Press, Sponsorhouse, Polisport, Devol, ASV, Pit Posse, Ogio, Leatt Brace, Alpinestars, Engine Ice, Kinetic Animation, Group D, Seminole Tribe Mx, FLmx, VP Racing fuel,Down South Players, and the Thundercross Crew.

Thanks Lucas and best of luck in your pro career!


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