Interview with Nick Dionne/Dionne Racing!

dionneDionne Racing has been around for ever!  As long as I can remember they have been involved in Florida Motocross supporting the riders.  Lots of good times at the track!  Nick and his father Greg still go to all the races on a regular basis.  Look for them at the races!

Dionne Racing will be at Dade City this coming weekend for the Florida Series Race!

Questions by DZP:

DZP:  How long have you been in business?

Nick:  We have been building bikes since early 2000.

DZP:  How did your Dad get started with Dionne Racing?

Nick:  Back in 1998 he had an accident working on heavy equipment where he fell off an excavater and exploded his shoulder and weve been working on bikes ever since.

DZP:  Tell me about your childhood racing and your Dad supporting the riders through the years.

Nick:  I got my first bike when I was 3 on Christmas day.  It started out as just a hobby on the weekends for me and my dad to spend time together, and it was all downhill from there.  Ever since I can remember weve been helping a lot of the top pro riders at the races and a good number of amateurs as well, and its been snow-balling to this day.

DZP:  What are you most proud of?

Nick:  Im proud of a lot of things, but if I had to pick one it would be getting the overall for the 2001 Grand Prix race at Okeechobee FL when i was 14!

DZP:  Explain a little bit about Dionne Racing.

Nick:  Dionne Racing is a motocross shop based in Punta Gorda FL.  We build motors and suspensions for a number of top pro riders, as well as amatuers, across the US.  We also have a number of products to reduce wear and tear of bikes such as clutch springs and our new exhaust bracket.

DZP:  What is your specialty?

Nick:  Our main focus is headwork for four strokes at this time, and building and maintaining race bikes for our riders..

DZP:  Do you sponsor any riders?

Nick:  We sponsor a number of riders across the United States.  One of our pro riders, Jay Weller of New York, has been up and coming for quite some time and is looking to race the pro supercross tour next season.  Another pro rider of Florida we sponsor is Derek Hall, who we help out with support at all the races week in and week out.

DZP:  What races do you currently attend?

Nick:  We attend a number of races, including the Florida Series which is promoted by Dean Dyess.  We also attend the Sponsor Cup Races at Dade City on Saturday nights.  Also, be on the lookout for us at Loretta Lynns.

DZP:  What is the best way for someone to get in touch with you?

Nick:  If your looking to get in touch with us, our shop number is 239-573-7223 or 239-633-0402.

DZP:  Is there a website for Dionne Racing?

Nick: – Coming Soon!

DZP:  Thanks so much Nick!


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