SHOW OFF YOUR DZP – Adam Pankoke #7

Adam Pankoke submitted the below picture showing how his gear was customized with DZP on it, also can’t forget the DZP on his helmet.  Click image to see a larger version.



6 Responses to SHOW OFF YOUR DZP – Adam Pankoke #7

  1. Anonymous says:

    adaaaaaaaammmmm u the softest kind!!!!!!

  2. guy says:

    anyway heading over to miami motocross this weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. guy says:

    you might be racing this weekend?

  4. Adam Pankoke #7 says:

    thanks idk if im going or not

  5. guy says:

    nice pic adam pankoke are you going to miami mx this weekend i am but never mind that are you going there to ride for fun because they have a new and great jump now its like you jump right into a turn!!

  6. Adam Pankoke #7 says:

    Thank you sheley for putting this pic up. I love DZP!!!!! as u can see. i even have the dzp logo as the backround image for my cell phone. no joke. Thank you shelley for all you do for us riders!!!!

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