Show Off Your DZP – Newest Picture!

hahahahaha – sent in by Kelli Adkins-Blackmon #512 – doing some face painting, shhhhhhh don’t tell him…

Below is Cowboy Bill #24 – He must be having a nightmare…


5 Responses to Show Off Your DZP – Newest Picture!

  1. wwmx...eddie says:

    First facebook now DZP, poor Bill….

    • doublezero says:

      I know, I hope he does not get too upset… hehe

  2. Kelli #512 And Wayne #815 says:

    omg! This was a great birthday party ever! ITs the LOCO drink that did it too him! he wont know that he is on DZP cause he doesnt know how to use a computer!!!! unless people fromt he track tell him!!!!!…lol

  3. doublezero says:

    This is so funny… Can’t help but laugh..

  4. WWMX...Erik # 5 says:

    oh yeah !!! He’ll never fall asleep at my house again ! We were celebrating my birthday and he was drunk.

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