South Florida Motocross Series 9/19/10 Thundercross

This week we have three (3) sets of pictures!  DZP Pictures, Pit Patrol Pictures by Sendi Goss, and pictures taken by Rand Franklin.  I put my other half to work, and he tells me I am a slave driver!  In any event, he said he had a great time.  So, make sure you all check out all three sets of pictures.  There is a different link for each one of them below.

I decided to try something different this weekend.  I printed full Letter Size border-less pictures, and then LAMINATED the photo.  It turned out great, and is perfect to keep your best shots with you when you travel to races or practice.  Because the photo is laminated, it protects the image and won’t fade.  Hang them in your trailer, work-shop, garage, or what-ever.  If you are interested in one, please let me know.  I am going to add this option to the Picture Order link below.  They are only $10.00, so pick some images and have them laminated!





The South Florida Motocross Series is moving right along!  This week, Round 2, at Thundercross proved it, with outstanding races all day long.  The day began with Church Service, held by Chaplain Cullen Walker.  Cullen has been involved in Motocross for about 12 years, and held Church Service at Gold Cups, Winter Am’s, Florida Series Races and many others.  He has represented MXER’s for Jesus, and MRO.  If you did not get a chance to attend the Church Service, you missed something special, trust me!

Riders meeting of course was held after the Church Service, followed by all the riders completing a SITE LAP for OSCAR DIAZ.  It has been a year since his tragic death and we miss him very much.  Sendi snapped a picture of a tattoo of Oscar on a guys back.  Sorry, don’t have his name, but the tattoo is awesome.

I am very impressed that the series posts the results on their website within hours of the races.  CLICK HERE FOR THIS WEEKS complete RESULTS, and CLICK HERE FOR THE SOUTH FLORIDA MOTOCROSS SERIES WEBSITE.

I did get rained on about 3 times during the race.  So if your race was while it was raining, there were no pictures taken during your race.  Can’t risk ruining my camera and lens.  The good news is, the rain brought cooler temps, and a nice breeze.  I was soaked for about 3 hours, but I really did not mind, it kept me cool.

Three riders were back racing after being injured for some time.  Welcome back Erik Fortin #5, Joey Keel #819, and Jordan Swingle #161!  Jeno Naples #161 made it on the plaque this week.  Congrats to Jeno.

Chase Couture #886 won the 450A Class this week, where he and Garrett Edmisten #0 put on a great race.  Unfortunately, later in the day Chase went down and hurt his wrist, so he could not finish his second moto in the 4 Stroke class.  Garrett placed 2nd overall, with Dustin Whitehead placing 3rd overall.

First at the gate was the 250 C Class.  Joey Keel was leading after the first lap, followed by Mike Morgan and Tharsis Andrade.  Kody Goss was running 5th and passed Cameron Fasnacht for 4th but then went down.  Cameron also went down and DNF’d the first moto.  Joey Keel ended up winning the first moto and placing 2nd to Cameron Fasnacht in the second moto, for a first overall, followed by Nathan Anderson and Mike Morgan in the first moto. Kody Goss finished 3rd overall with a 7th and 3rd place finishes.  Austin Pare had a solid 5 and 5 for 4th place finish overall.


South Florida Motocross Series Round 1 Bithlo 9/12/10

Update – Monday 9/13 – 9:25pm.  The pictures from Bithlo’s race are posted.  Some featured pictures are below.  It was so hot I had to leave early, the track kicked my butt.  I am very sorry…

The races were great, and the results were posted last night (Sunday), click here for the results. I missed the 450A races, 4 Stroke and a few others, so no pictures.  The 250 C Class was stacked with Kody Goss #1 taking first over-all, and the 450C Class was also packed with Robert Vogel Jr #222 placing first over-all.  In the Supermini 10-15 Class, and the JR Mini 9-13 Class Bradford Young #124 was ripping, he placed first over-all in both classes.  Donald Solley #115 took the over-all for the 450A Class, with Revolve Rider Chase Couture #886 placing second.  Donald Solley has motocross school at Bithlo every Monday night from 5pm-8pm rain or shine.  CLICK HERE FOR HIS FACEBOOK PAGE, he keeps it updated.

Revolve Racing was in the pits, along with ONS, and their riders.

I did not get to talk to very many folks, because I was busy trying to cool off!  I will see everyone at the next race, Thundercross this weekend September 19th!  I will probably have my little quad so I can get around the track and get more pictures, etc…  Thanks Bithlo for a great day of racing, and a great kick-off to the Series.



Revised South Florida Motocross Series Schedule Posted

Updated 8/25/10 New Schedule POSTED
Due to the closing of STMX, there is a new schedule now posted below:

Bithlo – Sept 12th

Thundercross – Sept 19th

Bithlo – Oct 3th

Thundercross – Oct 10th

Bithlo – Oct 17th

Thundercross – Nov 7th

Visit for more info.

South Florida Motocross Series Schedule Posted

Click each track below for their website.

Click the link below for the series flyer.

STMX – Sept 5th

Bithlo – Sept 12th

STMX – Oct 3rd

Thundercross – Oct 10th

Bithlo – Oct 17th

Thundercross – Nov 7th



South Florida Motocross Series Begins Again!

The 2010 South Florida MX Series is being finalized.
First race will be at Seminole Tribe MX Park on September 4, 2010.
Mark your calendars !
Visit for updates as they come.

SFMX Winter Series Round 6 at Seminole Evening Band Concert

Saturday night March 13th at Semionole Tribe Motocross, during the last round of the South Florida Motocross Winter Series Race Weekend, will be a band concert.  See below for details:

Concert at STMX

Saturday night March 13th at the track.
“Love Proof” will be performing Live.
To visit their “My Space” page.

Click here

SFMX Round 4 Thundercross 2/7/10

What’s up everyone?  I’ll tell you what’s up – SOUTH FLORIDA RACING!!

Derek Hall continues to dominate the DNA Pro Challenge with another win!

Daniel McCullan below – smiling from ear to ear…  (with Dad)

Click Image below for larger view.




Misc D70 Shots – Older Not So Good Back-up Camera

Such an awesome day at the track.  Early in the day the weather was real crappy and dark, but around 11:00 or so the sun was out the rest of the day basically.  Tim Ferry was roaming the pits, ASMF trackside, FLMX in house gathering content for the magazine, WMI trackside, and the gates were packed with almost every drop.

Race Notes

Daniel McCullan dominated the 50cc 7-9 class with two first place finishes.  Donnie Delgado #10 and Mark Beamer #5 battled for the lead in the Plus 40 Class, but Delgado came out on top in both motos.  Brinsley Dyess #95 on a Kawi dominated the Women’s Class today.  She is looking very comfortable on the big bike.  Adam Cianciarulo #92 rode flawlessly all day with the overall in Youth 12-15 and Supermini 10-15 classes.  Ian Chia #414 placed first overall in the 250 B Class with Dustin Jensen #101 and Antony Carreiro #991 on his tail.

Youth 16-24 Brandon Westberry #738 grabbed the hole shot in the first moto, but not far behind was Taylor Ditzian #20 and Antony Carreiro #991.  Second moto Taylor Ditzian got the hole shot with Brandon and Antony following behind.  Brandon passed Taylor, and after the first lap Taylor was back in first, but soon was passed again by Brandon.  Brandon placed first in both motos for the overall win.  In the 85 Beginner Class first moto Mike Barto #12 got the hole shot followed by Adam Pankoke #7, but overall finishes for the day, in order was Mike Barto #12 1st, Stefano Mesa #137 2nd, and Adam Pankoke #7 placing 3rd overall.  The 250C class had a lot of entries with Alex Nicol #694 getting the hole shot in the first moto followed by George Warren #177, and Daua Andreoli #118.  They swapped around during the race and George Warren ended up winning the first moto with Daua Andreoli and Alex Nicol second and third.  Overall however, it was Daua, George and Alex.

JR Mini 85cc 9-13 Class Jon Ames #17 from Arizona got the hole shot in the first moto and never looked back.  Bradford Young #124 had a bad start and was in the back of the pack.  Brad pushed his way through the pack to finish in second place in the first moto, followed by #15 Elias Chain from Mexico.  Overall was the same, Jon – Bradford – Elias.

The DNA Pro Challenge race was just as exciting as the prior weeks.  Out front was Derek Hall and Shawn Rife who went back and forth basically the first half of the race.  Derek pretty much kept the lead for the second half of the race, but in the last lap Derek made a small mistake, went off the track just a bit, and this gave time for Shawn to catch up just enough to be on his back tire.  Shawn was catching him and I thought he was actually going to pass Derek, but Hall would not allow that.  Derek won the Pro-Challenge today, and 500.00!

Video of Derek Hall and Shawn Rife – DNA Pro Challenge

Adam Cianciarulo Wallpaper – Click On The Image

Saturday Practice

I arrived at the track around 11:00 today, and it was surprisingly warm outside.  Party cloudy, or partly sunny, don’t know the difference, oh well.  It appeared to me that the track was in excellent shape, you riders tell me? Dalton Yingling took a spill today, hope he is okay.  Usual suspects were out practicing today.  Taylor Ditzian, Dalton Yingling, Antony Carreiro, Skylar Demuth, Brinsley Dyess, Bradford Yound, Joey Keel, all the Fasnacht’s, Jon Ames, Buchakjian’s, Jeremy Wahlstrom, Steel Gately, Ian Chia, to name a few….

Some featured pictures from today:

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