South Florida MX Winter Series – R2 Article By Dustin Whitehead


POSTED 1/21/11

Article by Dustin Whitehead

Thanks to Bill McClurg and Barnett Photography for the pictures.

DustmxAcademy turned up ready to race at round two, with all riders working out of the Race van.

Moto One – 250 D

Kyle Smorenburg DustmxAcademy rider spun the rear wheel on the concrete and had a real bad start.  He managed to square up turn one and had a straight shot into the second turn he came out in around 6 place!
He would then get to work, pick riders off some two at a time eventually making his way into first though Chase Butner would make it hard for him.  He had a good ride going, until little mistakes dropped him back. Moriah Gottschalk from Revolve Racing rode consistant with 3-2 for the day which gave him second overall.  Kyle Smorenburg held the flag high for DustmxAcademy once again going 1-1 Kyle Mcclurg got third with 4-6 finishes.

Youth 12-15

Ck Douglas dominated this class showing speed no one could match. In the first moto, Brinsley Dyess would push hard to try to keep the distance down and this would keep her clear of the rest of the pack.  She was followed by Tyler Meyer who would get the better of Brinsley by getting second place in moto two.  It was Ck Douglas 1-1 Tyler Meyer 3-2 Brinsley Dyess 2-3.

Plus 40 C

Sorensen Fighting for Traction

Peter Sorensen was eager to get into his second race, he felt stronger and worked on some problems from the previous week.  It showed, Sorensen got out to a good start, after a few laps worked his way passed Scott lang into second place.  John Getz got out to a great start on YZ125 and pulled a big lead for the moto 1 win.  Moto 2 saw Scott Lang up front with Sorensen who had another great start off the concrete, this time Sorensen dug deep and was able to hold off the efforts by Getz.  It was Sorensen 2-1, Getz 1-2 and Lang 3-3.

250 A

This class normally only one or two riders that attend had a few really fast riders, and at the top Zack Freeberg once again showing that he has the speed, fitness and determination to be a pro rider, never letting off the whole moto he would have the 1-1 finish.  Brandon Westberry who I have heard has been training with Zack and Adam, put in a strong first moto finishing second, Ian Chia back in south florida was third in moto one he would grab second in moto 2 for second overall.

250 C

What an epic class, the biggest class of the day filled with young kids with no fear!  Moto 1 DustmxAcademy rider Kyle Bangerter, second race in the C class got off to a great start and was mixing it until a few mistakes and a bad shoulder slowed him down but he is showing true grit.  Nathan Anderson got out to the early lead, Anderson only a year ago lost out in the D class series championship by 4 points. Has taken his riding to another level, he pulled a decent gap mid way through the race but ended up dropping the bike and restarting in the back of the pack. This left Raymond Johnson out front to take the win followed by Jason Gillespie and a hard charging Cameron Fasnacht who came back from a terrible start.
Moto 2
A huge battle with Raymond Johnson, Jason Gillespie, Tharsis Andrade, and Cameron Fasnacht.  Johnson had the lead with Gillespie hot on his heals trying all kinds of lines, Andrade was right in the mix waiting for a mistake. A lot of people ruled out Fasnacht due to his start again unable to get off the concrete. Fasnacht picked his way through rider after rider and eventually put a great pass on Johnson on the last lap for the win.  However Johnson had the overall with a 2-1 Fasnacht second 3-1 Gillespie third 2-3.

450 D

DustmxAcademy riders Peter Sorensen and Kyle Smorenburg were both looking to top the tables and it started great for Sorensen who had the holeshot. He managed to get a good gap after two laps Smorenburg however struggled with his start he got into second and had some time to make up. He closed right in but Sorensen rode his own lines at his own speed and never cracked under the pressure to take the win, Smorenburg was second  with Roberto Guzman (lococross) in a well deserved third.
Moto Two
Roberto Guzman had the holeshot, after one lap he still had the lead he was fighting as hard as he could until he ran tired.  Sorensen took the lead this time Smorenburg was close behind and made the pass for the lead though he would drop the bike pick it up and find himself in second.  Sorensen feeling the affects of the rough track nearly crashing twice gave the position up to Smorenburg, and Smorenburg would crash again this time he was not able to pass Sorensen who went 1-1 Smorenburg 2-2 Guzman 3-4.

DNA Challenge

What a race for those there to witness it, I’m sure you cant wait for the next round.  Derek Hall once again grabbed the holeshot from the outside and launched his way over the first ski jump, somehow Zack  Freeberg managed to get his 250f into second place, Donald Solley would be in third. Hall would set a blistering pace which would separate those three from the rest. Solley would get by Freeberg and set his sights on Hall, Hall for the second week in a row just got the bike that day with no practice started to make some mistakes.  Then just before the finish line Hall bobbled in the whoops Solley saw the opportunity and got slightly inside of Hall to make the pass. Those few mistakes slowed both and Hall and Solley down going into the final turn, Hall Started to square off the turn to try to get Solley back, but Freeberg with a good drive through the whoops came right up the inside of both the riders. Hall was able to avoid all contact and still square the corner up, Freeberg would come together with Solley forcing him over the berm.

Hall not having the traction he needed up the inside settled into second behind Freeburg. Solley did not go down and went on hot pursuit of the two riders ahead of him.  He would get by what would seem to be a tiring Hall, Freeberg was doing his best to pull away though you could see the 250F just lagging in the deep sand corners.  Solley every lap around the outside line leading to the middle table top seemed to close in on Freeberg, he would eventually use this and jump right next to Freeberg.  Solley just about inline with Freeberg off the jump with the inside line and 450 power, needless to say he was wanting pay back and ran Freeberg up the berm.  As they came round to complete another lap the same turn Freeberg made the move on Hall and Solley he missed his line and went over the top.  Freeberg kept it on two wheels and set after Solley.  Solley had a good pace going although something happened over in the back and Freeberg cam out in first with Solley around 15 seconds back. The race would end up with Freeberg 1st, Solley 2nd, Hall 3rd, Ian Chia 4th and Derek Borque 5th.

Thank you Dustin!


South Florida MX Winter Series – R1 Article by Dustin Whitehead


South Florida Motocross Winter Series – Round 1

By Dustin Whitehead

Posted 1/19/11

Back On Track, Round 1

After the winter break through Christmas and New Years, it was time to go racing again!  What a fantastic crowd for the first round of the South Florida MX series.  It all kicked off with the 450 D class and Kyle Smorenburg on top form after putting in his time with DustmxAcademy he was able to take two first place finishes and muscle the 450 to both holeshots on his first race on the big bike. Second place went to Peter Sorensen who had to fight his way into second after some bad starts, his smooth and consistent riding gave him 2-2 finishes not bad for his first race appearance ever. This was good for DustmxAcademy taking the top 2 positions, it would have been the top 3, though Kyle Bangerter deciding to step up to the C class as he won the series last year.  Kyle Smorenburg would also sweep the 250 D class with his first ever 1-1  1-1 for both classes, look out for this guy in the future.

250 B

This class had some of the best racing though the day. Ck Douglas in the first moto was able to get out front put in some really fast laps and even pull away from the a riders that were mixed in that class. However behind him Dustin Jensen, Jonathan Cloutier and Taylor Ditzian were all charging hard to get the 2nd place finish, Cloutier just recently getting a 250f and struggling with the lack of power but he made up for it with his determination getting 3rd place finish. Ditzian still getting back to fitness from his injury finished 3rd overall with 4-3 scores. Dustin Jensen pulled one out the bag in moto two taking the win and overall ahead of Douglas.

Brinsley chasing Delgado

Plus 45/ Women

Donnie Delgado back on track, nice to see him out there and looking solid and fit! After just losing out on the plus 40 class to Mike Mezie in the last moto, it was on.  He shot out to an early lead, however, the pressure was not coming from Mezie it was from Brinsley Dyess who seems to really be enjoying the 250f suzuki, Delgado put down some real fast laps and was not able to shake off Brinsley. Delgado, though unfazed by the pressure, kept strong and was able to pull a comfortable gap, by the end of the race he would go 1-1, Mike Mezie strong 2-2 and Steve Rejda a  3-3.  The women’s class was Brinsley Dyess 1-1, and Brooke Couch 2-2.

450 C
Kyle Bangerter From DustmxAcademy took on the decision to step up to the C class after winning the 450 D last season.  So his main goal for the season is to gain experience, finish races, and never give up. He came out strong to finish 11th.  Jason Gillespie stood out from the rest as he rode with a new-found confidence winning the first moto in great style.  In the second moto Robert Vogel had other ideas and stamped his authority with the win he would go 2-1 for first overall followed by Jason Gillespie with 1-2 score.  Chris Lacroix was third and Tharsis Andrade pushed hard into 4th place.

Plus 35
Dennis Bourque was back in action after an injury.  The smooth riding honda pilot got out with the holeshot, he would sprint for two laps and have a look back, Dave Rafferty was not letting go, Bourque would give the lead to Rafferty.  Rafferty was all business with an error by Bourque, Rafferty grabbed the moto 1 win.  Moto 2 saw Bourque holeshot again, this time Brett Cormier would be on his tail pushing hard.  Rafferty went down on lap one and was able to pull through to 3rd for second overall with a 1-3, Bourque was your winner 2-1 and Cormier third 3-2.

Plus 40 C
DustmxAcademy rider Peter Sorensen was able to miss a first turn crash.  In moto 1 he would ride very consistent laps and come away with 1st.  Jerry Ciccone would pick himself up charge to 2nd place and Dean Trapp in 3rd.  So it all went down to moto 2, Dean Trapp would get out front early, Jerry Ciccone and Mark Churchwell were also up front Peter Sorensen was recovering from a fumble into turn 1, Ciccone would make a pass then Sorrensen would follow, those two would work their way to the front with Ciccone taking the win and overall 2-1 Sorensen 1-2 and Trapp 3-3.

DNA Challenge

Derek Hall who came out of nowhere, showed up and borrowed Donnie Delgado’s bike.  He smoked the holeshot from the outside! He would lead the first few laps followed by Donald Solley and Zack Freeberg giving chase, Hall’s fitness not up to par from being out for so long and Freeberg turning lap times that are fit for nationals. He made his way to the front. Solley would pass Hall, but Hall stuck on his back wheel, relaxed himself and found an extra wind he would pass Solley with all that going on, Freeberg who had pulled a big lead managed to disappear, bike failure! So Derek Hall, after all  the laps were counted, pulled one out the bag to show everyone his ability for the win.  Solley was second and Brandon Westberry third.








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