DZP Considering Removing All Content

What are YOUR thoughts?  DZP is thinking about removing all content from the server, and starting over!  We have so many files on the server and thought it would be nice to just remove and start over.

What do you think?


4 Responses to DZP Considering Removing All Content

  1. yeh a fresh restart sounds nice!!!!!!

  2. im not sure what content would be removed. but if youre referrring to the pictures, i think i would like a chance to go through some past dates to see if i wanna buy a couple past shots….also i AM planning on purchasing one more pic from 1-1-11 L-Cross, so i will be sure and do that in the next day or by the weekend for sure.

    • doublezero says:

      All pictures that are currently displayed on the Smugmug site will stay, and any content on this BLOG will stay. I am referring to everything else, videos, pictures not located on smugmug or the BLOG to include rider profiles, everything except pictures from the last couple years and this BLOG. Basically everything that takes up space on the server for the domain ..

  3. Charles Buchakjian says:

    Might be a nice/fresh start….. Sounds good.

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