Revolve Racing Offering the Leatt Brace Adventure Chest Protectors

They are on sale, grab em up!

Attention Riders: The new Leatt Adventure Chestprotector is here and in stock.
The first question riders ask us after the purchase a Leatt-Brace® is “What chest protector works best with the brace?” Leatt® now has the answer, we have designed a chest protector that fits perfectly with the brace. Exclusive BraceOn elastic strap system attaches the protector to the Leatt-Brace® yet provides independent movement of body, brace and chest protector. A critical need for championship level riding
  • CE approved EN 14021 front and EN 1621-2 level 2 highest CE approval back protector using SaS-TeC development on Adventure Pro
  • Close fitting allows for over or under the jersey use
  • Made of extremely tough HDPE and washable Biofoam
  • Front and rear removable plates allow brace to fit close to body, as it should
  • Adjustable arm and chest straps for great fit
  • Removable shoulder and upper arm guards
  • Fits riders from approx. 50-100kg
  • 100-200 Lb riders

These New Chest Protectors are Awesome ! they fit perfectly with all Leatt braces. No more cutting or drilling your Chest Protector to make it fit, Light weight and very protective, 3 colors available .Call now to order yours today or come by and try one out. 

239-774-6686 / Toll free 877-897-1966




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