L-Cross Re-Designed and Re-Built Track



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  1. mjgmx says:

    New track design but, the rest is the same! The take it or leave it attitude, the racist comments, and lack of knowledge of the current mx scene from the owner will ensure this facility will never be anything more than it has been. JMHO

  2. the new lcross rocksssssss!!!!

  3. Bob Bell YZ250F says:

    L CROSS has stepped it up! Thank you Mark and Greg for providing another venue for our addictions. Everyone I spoke to from the nearly 200 riders that rode this past weekend all had to stop smiling in order to share there opinions on the track conditions. Bottom line is we need more venues. Variety is the spice of life, right? More tracks, More Races, is what everyone in South Florida is dreaming for. I for one would like to see all moto sports grow and I now believe Mark and Greg feel the same. Thanks again guys!

  4. Rex says:

    The track was awesome. Greg did a great job. It has something for everyone. Greg mentioned it is a work in progress. He is going to extended the track even more, around a 2 minute lap time for a B rider, compared to a 1 minute before he started. Definately a huge improvement. I look forward to getting back there to ride!!

    The owner, Mark has committed if riders continue to come he is going to have Greg make another track that will be an outdoor MX track configuration, high speed.

    Greg will be working on the PeeWee track to make that nice for the kids, so all will have a good time out there.

    • Bob Bell YZ250F says:

      Hey Rex , do you think Mark will install a Tanning Deck for the chicks?

  5. Jack 113 says:

    I didn’t see any new changes… seemed the same today as it did three years ago… at least thundercross was a quick drive from there.

    • Anonymous says:

      Houston we have a problem. 3 Years ago? No Changes, try again. It was awsome this weekend, could definately tell it was done by Greg. Track expectations and how it held up was great.
      Everyone had a blast and everyone I talked to said they would certainly be back. We need alternative places to ride and Mark an Greg are giving us this. To both Mark and Greg, great job and don’t stop, and Thank You!

    • Rex says:

      I agree with anonymous. HELLO, it is so much more/different that what is was in the past…. I have went there through the years and it is nothing like it was. The layout, obstacles, all are so different that I wonder where were you at??? Thundercross, confused.

      Greg will continue his mastery there and it will be nothing but a great place to ride for all riders, from PeeWee’s to A’s. There were sure a lot of bikes there and good things being shared among them about the experience.

      Thank You Mark and Greg!!

  6. mjgmx says:

    I was hoping the new track changes also meant new gate fees. The website says it is still 20 per person to get in. 60 bucks for my wife and I to take the boy for practice is a little much. That’s why we stopped going there.

    • Erik # 5 says:

      i dont think they would charge you 20.00 to spectate. I would call.

      • mjgmx says:

        Last time we were there it was 20 a head, riding or not. We were told thats how they do it now.

        • mjgmx says:

          It looks like they just changed it to 5 for spectators. Hows that for timing!

  7. Will Hill says:

    GB on the Dozer !! It’s got to be Good !! See everyone on the 13th & 14th.

  8. Rex McCarty says:

    Awesome, I know Greg will make it RIGHT! Looking forward to being there to try it out on the 14th!

  9. Erik # 5 says:

    great to have options. i know with Greg, it will be a great track.

  10. Bobby bell says:

    Great news! See you there on the 14th.

  11. Scott says:

    Shelly, what would any of us do without you! Talked to Greg the other day and was wondering when this was going to get posted somewhere.

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