Seminole Tribe Update

-Alyssa Bollmann’s Letter packet hand delivered to the tribe (as most of you know).

-DZP’s Video was overnighted to the Tribe yesterday Wednesday August 25th.

-Alyssa received a call from the tribe today (Thursday) indicating that they have not completely closed the doors on the Motocross track.  They are considering moving the track to a different location.

-I spoke to the office of Chairman Mitchell Cypress today, and they informed me that everything is currently in discussion and there are no guarantees, but to stay positive.  They also said that it was very cool to see such a great community (motocross community), come together as we all did.  This says a lot for us!

Great job everyone!

No further info is available at this time.


4 Responses to Seminole Tribe Update

  1. Robert says:

    Anything new on the possibility of STMX reopening?

  2. kody1 says:

    wow this is amazing!!!! thank DZP, alyssaaaa and every1!!!!

  3. sg says:

    fingers still crossed

    • dts#28 says:

      Aylssa thank you for your time.

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