STMX 8/21/10 Pictures

Was not on the track but a couple times, and I also shot some video.  So pictures are limited.  Had other agenda today 🙂  If you are planning on coming to STMX tomorrow, you might want to bring food and plenty to drink, because the food vendor was not at the track today.  Seminole has TONS OF MERCHANDISE to buy, and they need to sell it all.  Go to the “Parts Shop” behind the bleachers and load up!

***VERY IMPORTANT***  There were a lot of personal stories shared today regarding the closing of STMX, and you should share your story by writing it in a letter and then forward it to Alyssa Bollmann.   Your story, and how the closing of STMX has effected your lives, is very important information to pass along to the tribe.  Alyssa needs your letter/email by tomorrow evening (Sunday).  Alyssa’s email address is PLEASE SEND ALYSSA YOUR PERSONAL STORY.

Patty and Greg have worked their tails off this past month, as well as the entire staff at STMX and I am very grateful to them.  We are losing a great place to ride.

DZP had a great conversation with the owner of Cypress Landings today, and she had some very encouraging words regarding the track, and all I have to say is, I have my fingers crossed.  There was supposed to be a meeting tonight between local Seminole Tribe business owners and the Council, to discuss the track situation.  The owner was very positive and liked what we had to say, so maybe – just maybe, after tonight we can have positive news.

Both tracks were PACKED today!  Tomorrow is a big day, and I plan on taking tons of pictures and some video.  Be there!!


These little guys were hanging out at the end of the day, like they were waiting for us to leave or something.  WEIRD… AND CREEPY!

The two riders below could barely walk when STMX first opened.



Standing room only at Cypress Landings


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  1. kody1 says:

    niz pics as alwayssssss

  2. guy motoross says:

    dzp are you posting anymore photos?

  3. doublezero says:

    Email link is fixed… sorry about that..

  4. Anonymous says:

    email is wrong, cuz on the other page u put her email, its without the X between moto and princess

    • doublezero says:

      That is strange cause I copied it from her facebook post… Thanks, I will check it out…!

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