“Rebirth of STMX” ? Get involved or it won’t happen!

I am posting this from my iPhone because I am out of town. I will be back late Friday night (tonight).

There are plans currently underway from a few folks.

I will be using this website as a portal for information and updates in an effort to get Seminole Tribe Motocross back.

There are no guarantees, but we will be able to say we certainly tried. Nobody wants the track to close. We have a very small window to accomplish this.

We have so many awesome memories of our time at STMX, and don’t want it to end. I have seen so many kids grow-up at the track and this is their life. Let’s not let it end without a fight!!

“rebirth of STMX”


11 Responses to “Rebirth of STMX” ? Get involved or it won’t happen!

  1. offsure says says:

    Keep it open for the kids ……..

  2. guy motoross says:

    cant wait for photos to post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. guy motoross says:

    rode aswome today and hey dzp when you posting the pictures aswome track i flew on that triple when i doubled it!!!!!!!!

  4. Ivan Zarak says:

    I learned to ride MX at Seminole MX park and after the short lived Miami MX park closed it became my “local” track.
    I’m sure it’s the same for a lot guys out there; let’s not let it go without a fight!!!
    Count me in for any petition letter signing, march or whatever turns out to be the route all riders and their families take.
    By the way I had a blast today.
    Ivan Z. # 272

  5. Howard says:

    When I spoke to Greg a few months ago he said down the road they will move the track to the rock quarry down the road . We need to find out why they closed. Maybe call Fox TV they might run the story. When we tell people we need to tell them the state taxes off road bikes . I thought that tax was to go towards mx tracks and trails in parts of the state.

  6. guy motoross says:

    tommorow lets show that stmx is the biggest bestest track in florida i was almost clearing doubles when i first came to this track a long time ago i dont want that memory to end so lets give it the best day all of us have ever seen on a track and remember our love for motocross!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    p.s. peewee riders can do it too go for it little guys help us out wee need you more!!!

  7. Karen says:

    Why is STMX closing?

  8. wonder when there gona change the schedule for the sfmx series stinks there probily going to put a much farthe track to replace stmx darn it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. im deffinitly going tommorow
    stmx rocks!!!!!!!!!

  10. Erik # 5 says:

    me and samantha both wrote letters, git er done !!

    • Anonymous says:


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