As if his debut in the 2010 AMA Pro Motocross series isn’t huge enough for one week, the Red Bull crew just announced James’ involvement in yet another groundbreaking Red Bull extravaganza! Metal + Motocross + Mayhem = Red Bull Metallicross, and this exciting new event will make its debut in the Golden State on October 23rd at Pala Raceway.

With five of the best motocross athletes in the world, including your very own JS7, creating a one-off motocross track with the gnarliest mix of obstacles ever assembled, Metallicross is sure to be an instant revelation! Mixed with live, head-banging metal music as a soundtrack, the course will debut dirt-to-concrete whoops, a creek crossing, explosions, a two-story drop into the first turn, and much, much more!

With an already creative mind on a motorcycle, James immediately jumped at the opportunity to be part of the building process, as he’ll accompany fellow two-wheel stars Travis Pastrana, Ronnie Renner, David Knight, and Geoff Aaron in designing the track.

“I have always had some pretty crazy thoughts about obstacles and elements to a track. Now with this special event it gives me the blank canvas I need to put these crazy elements together,” James commented.

Anyone who thinks they can tackle a James Stewart-inspired track will have two chances to make the show, starting with a qualifier on September 25th at E-Street MX (Riverfront Track) in Sacramento, California, and on October 2nd at Pala Raceway.

“You can look forward to some wild stuff that will take each athlete’s absolute best to navigate and survive.”



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