Dade City Sponsor Cup Lites Article

Sponsor Cup Lites, Heating Up for July   

By Lydia Greiner

Catch all the action at Dade City Motocross

July seventeenth marked the latest round of the Vortex Lites Sponsor Cup class. Now halfway through the season, its impossible to think the heat on the track could surpass the heat of Florida in July. As the sun faded below the horizon and the lights turned on over the track, all of the talent in this premire class was illuminated and their Vortex sprockets and handlebars shining, ready, for another night of racing action.

First qualifier of the night and the riders jumped out of the gate in a drag race for the first turn but it was CK Douglas with the holeshot followed by the night’s top qualifier, Kory Keylon on the Kissimmee Motorsports Kawasaki. Kalin Fitzpatrick was able to squeeze up into the top three off of the start followed by Pup Whately and CanyonVancil who made it out of turn two in fourth and fifth.

Immediately Keylon put the pass on Douglass, thus far he’s had a perfect season of heat races, a second place start wasn’t going to do anything to stop that streak. As soon as Kory took the lead from Ck the battles on the track erupted. Fitzpatrck maintained third over Whatley and they were slowly distancing themselves from the attack Eddie Clark was laying down on the 68 ride of Vancil.  

Once Clark was able to seal the deal and put some distance on Vancil, Canyon was feeling the heat from the 114 ride of Scott Westbrook. The two riders went back and forth on the slick track and in their battling, it became a three way battle for sixth as Evan Walker started to get his front wheel in on the action. After another lap of the back and forth cat and mouse, Westbrook was able to close the door on Vancil and concentrate on catching the fifth place ride of Clark.

The battle for third place between Fitzpatrick and Whatley was continuing still halfway through the moto. All eyes were on them as Keylon and Douglas had been able to distance themselves giving these two the spotlight. One section of the track Whatley would close up on the 412 ride of Fitzpatrick and then the next section Kalin would re-open the gap between them.

On the white flag lap, the battle for fifth place heated up between Clark and Westbrook as did the seventh place battle between Vancil and the 931 of Evan Walker (who finished third in the last round). Walker was able to make the pass and a mistake cost Vancil his qualifying spot with just turns to go.

As the checkered flag fell, it was Kory Keylon with the win and continuing his heat race winning streak. Ck Douglas held onto his great start and was able to keep the pace up for a solid second place finish. Fitzpatrick ended up taking third with Whatley just a second behind him in the fourth position. The battle for fifth turned into an all out drag race to the flag between the two stroke riders of Clark and Westbrook with Clark just barely holding on over the 114.  

1.Kory Keylon 310
2. Ck Douglas 24
3. Kalin Fitzpatrick 412
4. Pup Whatley 251
5. Eddie Clark 2
6. Scott Westbrook 114
7. Evan Walker 931
8. Justin Gant 10
9. Matt Lee 121

As soon as the track was cleared from division one, the riders of qualifer number two came thundering down the start. Drew Stocker was able to grab the holeshot over the 5 ride of Robert Devonald-Batt. These two have been trading punches all season and even with a hard crash in practice for Devonald-Batt, nothing was going to quell that rivalry now.

Jared Jackson made his Sponsor Lite’s Premire  with an awesome third place start over the 21 of RJ Hampshire and the 153 of Robby Renner. As expected the battle for third between these three talented riders took precedence over everything else on the track. It appeared that Hampshire had a little more speed than Jackson, but the Lites class rookie didn’t let speed become a factor. Inside and out Jackson charged hard protecting his third place spot from the hard charging Hampshire who was also feeling the same kind of pressure from the equally talented Robby Renner. These racers looked magnetic to one another, catching and gaining, attracting and repelling—all in harmony.

As the battle for third continued, sixth place of Bodie Colangelo was holding on solid over the seventh place ride of Brian Fulford and eigth of Aleck Forte just as Stocker and Devonald-Batt had checked out and distanced themselves from one another in first and second.

Andrew Stocker was able to lead the qualifer from wire to wire as he crossed the finish. Devonald-Batt was able to hold it together for a solid second after a hard fall in practice. The three way battle between Jackson, Hampshire, and Renner ended as it began with the riders continuing 3rd, 4th, and 5th over the finish line.

1. Andrew Stocker 514
2. Robert Devonald-Batt 5
3. Jared Jackson 121
4. RJ Hampshire 21
5. Robby Renner 153
6. Bodie Colangelo 43
7. Brian Fulford 245
8. Aleck Forte 587
9. Cody Long 53

The last chance qualifier, only two racers to transfer—the last moto before the race order begins again—the track at its roughest of the night, definitely not the easy way to get a spot in the main event. Off of the start it was  Sam Maritato with the holeshot over the field.  Addison Morgan made an early pass on the 34 of Brandon Hershey for the second place and last transfer spot. As the two squared up, Morgan was able to put the pass on Maritato and the two checked out from the rest of the field securying their spots in the main event.

  1. Addison Morgan 91
  2. Sam Maritato 350

Twenty of the best amateur lites riders in the state, primed and ready to race the main event of the Vortex lites. Two qualifiers and one LCQ simply for a spot on the gate—the main event is the moment that matters.

With a heat race win under his belt, Drew Stocker exploded off the line and grabbed the holeshot over Kory Keylon, Pup Whately, Rob Devonald-Batt and Jared Jackson for an early lead.

Just as soon as Stocker pulled the holeshot and started to put a little distance over Keylon his night took a turn for the worse. A big crash on the back side of the track dropped him to the back of the field and as soon as his regained his composure and started knocking seconds off of the deficit he had created—bike problems left him stranded at the end of the back straightaway and the early leader and heat winner was pushing his bike off the track.

Stocker’s misfortune turned into Keylon’s luck as Kory slid up into first. Pup Whatley was putting on a stellar ride and challenging the 310 ride. The lights seemed even brighter shining off of the two Kawasaki riders as they dueled around the track, Whatley was putting some pressure on Keylon and looking for any slip up to take advantage of the lead just as Kory had done with Stocker, but the 310 ride held on strong and solid slowly opening up a gap over the 251 machine.

Back in third Robert Devonald-Batt was in a race of his own settling into a consistent pace over the fourth place ride of Jared Jackson on the 121. Being his first night in the Lites class after a long recovery from a broken leg, Jackson definitely put together an impressive ride.

Fifth place opened up to a four way battle between Kalin Fitzpatrick, Scott Westbrook, RJ Hampshire, and Robby Renner. Each of these riders were within hundreths of a second of each other looking at their laptimes and they were cutting the track apart like a jigsaw puzzle, inventing new lines to get an advantage on one another.  These four talented riders took the spot light during the main event as they traded positions going back and forth for the remainder of the moto.

When the checkered flag finally flew, it was Kory Keylon who had pulled it together for a the overall win with Pup Whatley finishing his best Lites finish with a second overall and Robert Devonald-Batt in a solid third.

Vortex Lites Sponsor’s Cup Overall Results

  1. Kory Keylon 310
  2. Pup Whatley 251
  3. Robert Devonald-Batt 5
  4. Jared Jackson 121
  5. Kalin Fitzpatrick 412
  6. Scott Westbrook 114
  7. RJ Hampshire 21
  8. Robby Renner 153
  9. Bodie Colangelo 43
  10. Ck Douglas 24

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