Dade City – Florida Series Race Pictures 4/18/10

I thought I lived in Florida, and that this time of year we are supposed to be worried about forest fires.  Anyways, RAIN OR SHINE DADE CITY HAS RACES.  Today it rained all day long, however the track held up very nice!  Give me an “A” for effort!  Let’s see, I had one hand holding an umbrella all day long, and the other hand holding the camera.  Needless to say the result is not very good, as most of the pictures have a little blur to them, since I could not use both hands to keep the camera steady, and I had one hand to quickly change setting on the camera throughout the day.  I had to switch to a smaller lens just so I could hold the camera.  I am pretty sure that the flash was hidden behind/under the umbrella, duh….  Not to many pictures were taken, I did not want to chance ruining my camera.


If you would like to order any pictures CLICK HERE for ordering instructions.

CHECK OUT DADE CITY’S WEBSITE – CLICK HERE – If you don’t already know, they have a weekly radio show and great videos!

Featured Pictures Below – Click on images below for larger version.


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