Dade City Motocross (DCMX) Sponsor Cup Round 3

Vortex Lites Riders Debut and Devonald-batt Takes First Win
By Craig and Angela Johnson

With another round fast approaching at DCMX let’s recap what happened on March 20th. The Dade City Championship Series along with the Monster Energy Sponsors Cup entered round three of their series with entries topping the first two rounds. To go along with all this, a new class debuted with their first round on the night. The Vortex Sponsors Cup Lites riders were in full force. Two qualifying races were held to narrow the field down to twenty riders.

The first qualifying moto saw Flex Pack’s Wilfredo Guzman with the holeshot. Complete Renovations’ Eddie Clark and CK Douglas followed after the first turn pile-up. Douglas fought his way to the lead, but lost it to Kissimmee Motorsports’ Kory Keylon in the final stages. At the checkers, Keylon won followed by Robert Devonald-batt, Douglas, Six 12’s Bodie Colangelo, and Guzman.

The second qualifying moto saw Jeremy Winslow take the holeshot for the restart. The first one saw Fun Bike Center’s Robby Renner leading before going off the track. Winslow went on to win followed by Andrew Stocker, Pit Stop Graphix’s Shawn Sckoropad, Renner, and Pup Whatley.

The last chance qualifier had Power Transportation’s Dustin Bailey out front cruising to a five second win. T Stead Developmental Racing’s RJ Hampshire started mid-pack and found his way to second by the last lap, good enough to take the last qualifying spot.

The main was set and saw Devonald-batt with the holeshot. A first turn pile-up saw Keylon, one of the favorites, out. After the first lap, Whatley, Renner, Douglas, and Winslow followed Devonald-batt. The only top five pass during the race was Douglas passing Renner on lap two. Douglas tried making a bid for second but came up just short. Trick Threadz/R & L Metals/Mike’s Cycle Center/Son Rise Auto Sales-sponsored Devonald-batt won by about three seconds.

The Sponsors Cup resumed racing, with Extreme Honda’s Michael Picone setting the fastest qualifying time for the second race in a row. Picone was almost a full second ahead of the competition with a 53.489. Vortex’s Jonathan Camp was .946 seconds back just ahead of Ohlin’s Michael Clarke’s 54.463 time.

The first moto saw DNA/WMI/Fly Racing-backed Derek Hall with the holeshot. A freight train of Picone, Clarke, Pit Stop Graphix’s Tyler Livesay, and Ryan Jessip were in the top five. Hall and Picone started to gap the rest of the field, as Camp moved into fifth. Picone found his way to the lead after the halfway mark passing through the whoops. Livesay and Camp had a battle of their own going on for fourth, as they went back and forth. Picone went on to a three second win over Hall. Clarke took a lonely third over Livesay and Camp.

The second moto saw, DCMX Calendar rider of the month, Wilfredo Guzman with the holeshot. First moto winner, Picone went down early. Guzman led followed by Clarke, Camp, Livesay, and Hall. On lap three, Clarke went off the track dropping to fifth. Hall in the meantime moved to third ahead of Livesay. Clarke regained his composure and passed Livesay, as did Huss Drilling’s Ian Millet. After the halfway flag the top three had gapped the rest of the field. In the closing laps, Clarke made it a four way battle for the lead. Camp kept the pressure on Guzman all the way to the checkers and came up just short. Hall kept Clarke from passing also, as Millet rounded out the top five.

Other race action saw Nicholas Larson and Vincent Valente pull out and go first and second, respectively, in the first moto of the 50cc Stock Amateur (4-6) class. The second moto saw Larson go down challenging for the lead. Valente led, but Larson chased the leader down to take the win. NMH Racing’s Nolen Huston took the last podium spot with a 4-3 score passing riders each moto.

In the 50cc Stock Beginner (4-6) class, Ayden Shive and Bryce Roth battled it out both motos. Roth went on to win both motos. Shive went 2-3 for second overall. Erik Stage ended up slitting the two the second moto and took third overall to go along with his fourth the first moto.

Flex Pack’s Abby Dorey took the holeshot the first moto, of the 85cc Beginner (12-15) over the boys. Matthew Meadows and Jeremy Belcher took over first and second to battle. Belcher fell later dropping out of the top five. Meadows went on to win big, as Mason Osborn and New Image Dermatology’s Jeffery Clegg moved through the pack for second and third. The second moto had Meadows out front followed by Belcher and Tommy Marton. Meadows won again, as Belcher rode to second. Clegg moved up to take third.

Series leader, Bodie Colangelo, took the lead in the first 85cc (12-15) A moto. Austin Winslow and Kevin Steele battled it out for second. Colangelo pulled out for the win over Winslow and Steele. The second moto saw Winslow with the holeshot only to loose it to Colangelo on the first lap. Winslow had bike problems later and dropped down in the results. Colangelo took another moto win over Steele. AJ Meadows moved up to take third.

Troy Snyder and Jason Peres took two class wins each. Snyder won the both motos in the Open B class. Snyder took a 3-1 score for the overall in the 250 B class. Andrew Stocker won the first moto and had his problems the second moto. Peres wrapped up four moto wins for both overalls in the Plus 25 and Plus 35 A.

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