Seminole Tribe Motocross R6 South Florida MX Winter Series Weekend



A GREAT turnout for the FINAL round of the first Annual South Florida Motocross Winter Series!  Thanks to Seth for announcing, as always you do a fantastic job, also thanks for telling everyone about DZP throughout the day, I really appreciate it.  Seth was filling in for Dean Dyess who was racing at the Toronto Supercross, and I am very excited to tell you that Dean qualified for the evening program.  Way to go Dean, and if anyone wants to keep up with Dean, CLICK HERE for a link to his website for updates.

Derek Hall #638 won the DNA Pro Challenge today, taking home the 500.00 cash.  I did not take any race notes this week, but you can go to the South Florida Motocross Series website for complete race results and the overall points for the series.

I would like to take this time to thank Walley with Bithlo Motorsports, Dean with Thundercross Motocross, and Jack with Seminole Tribe Motocross, for providing two successful series, held in the fall and this winter series.  Everyone worked very hard to put on each race, to give local riders an awesome south Florida series to participate in.  Each series will only get better.  Congratulations to each track, and thanks!

The banquet for the Winter Series is going to be April 24th, 2010 at Thundercross MX Park beginning at 3:00 pm.

Sunday Race Day 3/14/10

Saturday Practice 3/13/10

140 Riders and 60 spectators came through the gate today at STMX.  Track was in great shape, considering all the rain they got Friday afternoon, but it was the area around the track that was muddy and full of water.  This means that I basically did not have very many places to stand to snap some pictures.  After practice today STMX had a great band playing “Loveproof”, click here for a link to their Myspace.  They played Ozzy Osbourne, Van Halen etc, and were GREAT!!  Greg Barker set up a great sound system for the event.

Sold a lot of DZP shirts, and gave away a lot of DZP stickers, thank you all!!  Thanks to Sendi Goss for her help with the shirts.  Jack’s Flip A Burger served a “special” at dinner, with Meat Loaf, Mac and Cheese, and Corn, which was awesome!  Erik Fortin had his corn hole game going on, folks were setting up their TV’s and Satellites to watch the Toronto Supercross, and just a general good time and atmosphere in the pits.



6 Responses to Seminole Tribe Motocross R6 South Florida MX Winter Series Weekend

  1. guy says:

    the second photo has wicked action!!!!!!!!!!!!! man think im going to enter these races during the season.

  2. Anonymous says:

    derek did sick whip

  3. Lynch72 says:

    April 24th for the banquet. 3pm at Thundercross.

  4. dylan rash says:

    sick pics shelley like awalys

  5. Will "The Thrill" Hill says:

    Hey Shelley, My DZP shirt was sooooo Sweet ! Crowd Say’s “Will, How Sweet is it?” – WELL, my DZP shirt was sooo SWEET,,, The Bee’s would not leave me alone on Sunday!! THAAAATTTSSSS SWEEEETTTT !!!

  6. Goss Family says:

    It is a prerequisite to be “out of control” for B class? Amazing, Carrera 991 looked to be the only one in control in that turn. I can see the class still offering the same excitement, thrill and unpredictable outcome !! Gotta love THOSE WILD boys ! Makes ya want to see more !

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