2010 NMA Grand National Championships – Ponca City

To all Riders and Families —
The Grand National Championship at Ponca City, Oklahoma will be held July 26-31, 2010.
2010 NMA Rules and NMA Race Information may be found at www.nmamx.com
If you have not renewed your license for 2010, you may do so by going to www.nmamx.com and completing the application online.  For those of you qualifying in the Southeast Region, you may also renew your license at the track during your qualifiers.
The following races will be used for qualifying:
April 24-25 – Lazy River MX, Chatsworth, GA  www.lazyrivermotocross.com
May 1 – Dade City MX, Dade City FL www.dadecitymx.com
May 15 – Dade City MX, Dade City, FL
May 23-24 – Lazy River MX, Chatsworth GA  (This is also a Loretta Lynn Area Qualifier)
May 29 – Dade City MX, Dade City, FL
June 27 – Bithlo MX, Bithlo, FL
Note:  Dade City Races will be day races only.  Night races will not be used as qualifiers.
Also – If you are running the Florida Series www.floridaseries.com ,  you may use any 2 of the series races as your qualifiers between March 27 and June 27.
Other Loretta Lynn Area Qualifiers may be used in addition to the schedule listed above –
March 13-14 – Forest Glen MX, Ona, FL (please contact me prior to this event)
April 10-11 – Bremen MX, Bremen, GA  (please contact me prior to this event)
Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.
Stephanie Starling
NMA Southeast Regional Manager
(386) 527-9563


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