South Florida Motocross Winter Series Bithlo Weekend 2/21/10

Sunday Race Day 2/21/10





Race Notes

Beautiful weekend for racing, and taking pictures!  A lot going on in Florida this weekend with motocross, and Bithlo was no exception.  Not to mention the opening round of the Monster Energy AMA Supercross for the East Coast Lites at Indianapolis.  Newcomer to the pro-scene is Dean Wilson (no not a Florida Rider, he is from Canada), #108 riding for Pro-Circuit.  He did very well for his first time out, he had a bad start in the heat race and managed to qualify for the main.  The track was very tight and technical, so he did awesome!  He ended up 6th for the night.  Why am I telling you about Dean Wilson?  My future son in-law, Paul Perebijnos, former pro, works for Pro-Circuit and is Dean Wilson’s mechanic, and he lives in California with my daughter Erica.  They have been going out for about 9 years now, so I would say they are a solid couple!  Erin the announcer butchered Paul’s name when she mentioned him as being Dean’s mechanic, it was pathetic.  Paul also was Ryan Morais’s mechanic last year for Supercross and Josh Hansen’s for the X-Games this past year.  Anyways, just thought I would share that with you.

Now on to some great South Florida Racing!  Travis Ferry was the announcer this weekend, filling in for Dean Dyess, who was also at Indy racing the supercross.  Check out for an update on his night.  Travis did a great job!  ASMF was trackside, along with WMI and many others.  I liked how the track worked on the back section of the track every time the 50cc racers had their motos, this saved so much time.  Kudo’s to the track!

If any of the information is incorrect below I apologize, was trying out a new digital voice recorder and usually I am stupid at remembering things so, here it goes….

Jr Mini 85cc 9 – 13

Class was packed with talent.  First race of the day, first lap battle between Bradford Young #124, John Ames #17, and Austin Winslow #10.  I thought #21 Randy Deoliveira from the 125 & 150 4-Stroke Class, (took off at the same time), got the hole shot, but I am not sure.  Ames passed Young in the second lap, then Winslow also passed Young.  First moto finish – John Ames – Austin Winslow – Bradford Young.  Second moto finish John Ames – Bradford Young – Austin Winslow which resulted in the same order for overall.

Youth 12-15 and Youth 16-24

At the start for the 12-15 class was Jeremy Winslow #9, Zachary Commans #51, and Adam Cianciarulo #92 (not in any order).   After the first lap Zachary is in the lead, followed by Adam and Shawn Sckoropad #90.  Jeremy dropped back at some point.  Adam passed Zachary in the second lap in the back section of the track.  Adam is now passing riders in the 16-24 Class that took off on the second gate.  Kid is amazing!  Finishing first moto in order Adam – Zachary – Shawn.  2nd Moto finish as Adam – Zachary – Jeremy.  Overall however was Adam – Zachary – Shawn.  Gate drops for the 16-24 with Brandon Westberry #9 (for the day anyways) getting the hole shot, followed by Chris Fischetti #104 and Daua Andreoli #118 3rd.  George Warren #177 was following close behind finishing 4th in the first moto.  Westberry finshed 1-1, Fischetti finished 2-2.  Taylor Ditzian #20 finished 7th in the first moto and 3rd in the second moto, but was not enough to place 3rd overall.  Ditzian and Fischetti were giving each other a good race in the second moto!  Daua placed 3rd overall with 3-5 finishes.

Plus 45

Rick Bigalow #159 picked up the holeshot in the first moto, followed by Donnie Delgado #10 and Mark Beamer #5.  Delgado quickly advanced to first place.  While Levon Buckakjian placed 3rd in the first moto over Rick Bigalow, Bigalow placed 3rd in the second moto securing his spot for 3rd overall.  In order for the day Delgado – Beamer – Bigalow.


Jeremy Medaglia #17 got the holeshot, and Derek Hall #638 ended up crashing with Dylan Kaein #324 in the back section of the track.  Derek got back up and continued the race finishing 3rd, and Mattias Mensonen #11 finished second.  Medaglia ended up winning both motos for first overall followed by Hall 2nd overall, and Mensonen 3rd Overall.


First lap, first moto, coming in to the front section Tharsis Andrade #91, Robert Vogel #22, George Warren #177, Luis Zapeta #5, and Daua Andreoli #118.  Finishing the race in order Warren – Andreoli – Zapata, same order for the overall.

Supermini 10-15

Who is that kid Adam?  I have been watching this kid race since early 50cc days, and is he boy or machine?  Anyways, yes he got the holeshot and following was Bradford Young #124, and Rob Davidson #14 (from the UK).  Overall for the day in order Cianciarulo – Howell #2 (from the UK) – Young.

50cc OPEN 4-9

These little kids are so cute.  Callum Beeken #2, Cody Russal #95, and Jordan Greene #90 all finished 1 – 2 – 3 in order both motos.


This was very exciting to watch.  Three riders were practically side by side for most of the race.  Antony Carreiro #991, Jeremy Winslow #9, and Ian Chia #414.  Winning the overall for the class was Chia with 1- 3 finishes, 2nd Pup Whatley #251 with 4 – 2 finishes, and 3rd Shawn Sckoropad #90 with 6 – 1 finishes.

85cc 12-13

First moto, after the first lap are Winslow #10, Cinciarulo #92, and Ames #17.  Winslow fell behind after the second lap. Cianciarulo first, leaving behind Winslow, Ames, and Young.  Jesse Buchakjian had bike problems in the back section of the track.  He went off the track turned around in the exact spot he went off and tried to continue, going up Mt. Bithlo, and the bike overheated on top of the hill.  Bike was smoking and let’s just say Jesse was real upset.  Jesse and bike were towed off the track.  Overall finishes for the class are Cianciarulo – Ames – Young.

65cc BEG

Dalton Metzler #55 got the holeshot, but then went down right after Mt Bithlo. Finishing order for first and second motos, Trevor Bell #33 1st – Dalton Metzler #55 2nd – Kaleb Costain #301 took 3rd.


First moto, after first lap, David Sanderson #928 is followed by Tharsis Andrade #91 who is actually in a different class 250 OPEN, Daua Andreoli #118 and Chris Oland #516.  But the first moto top 3 spots go to Andreoli – Sanderson – Vogel, with overall in order Sanderson – Andreoli – Vogel.

The DNA Challenge had a few new guys, Donald Solley #115, Jeremy Medaglia #17, and Mattias Mensonen #11.  Medaglia grabbed the holeshot, Hall following behind along with Mensonen.  Derek was doing great but fell in a corner in the front section, he did not lose a spot, but there is now a pretty good gap between he and Medaglia.  1st, 2nd and 3rd spots stayed the same during most of the race with Medaglia taking home the money.  Derek Hall 2nd and Donald Solley 3rd.

(Below) Travis Ferry doing a great job announcing.

(Below) Show him the money!  Jeremy Medaglia from Canada that is.  Jeremy won the DNA Pro Challenge at BITHLO this week, placing first in both 1st and 2nd Motos.

(Below) Vincent Valent

(Below) Richard Bong Jr.

(Below) Donald Solley

Pick A Line

Saturday Practice 2/20/10

Below are some featured pictures from practice on Saturday.


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