SFMX Round 4 Thundercross 2/7/10

What’s up everyone?  I’ll tell you what’s up – SOUTH FLORIDA RACING!!

Derek Hall continues to dominate the DNA Pro Challenge with another win!

Daniel McCullan below – smiling from ear to ear…  (with Dad)

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Misc D70 Shots – Older Not So Good Back-up Camera

Such an awesome day at the track.  Early in the day the weather was real crappy and dark, but around 11:00 or so the sun was out the rest of the day basically.  Tim Ferry was roaming the pits, ASMF trackside, FLMX in house gathering content for the magazine, WMI trackside, and the gates were packed with almost every drop.

Race Notes

Daniel McCullan dominated the 50cc 7-9 class with two first place finishes.  Donnie Delgado #10 and Mark Beamer #5 battled for the lead in the Plus 40 Class, but Delgado came out on top in both motos.  Brinsley Dyess #95 on a Kawi dominated the Women’s Class today.  She is looking very comfortable on the big bike.  Adam Cianciarulo #92 rode flawlessly all day with the overall in Youth 12-15 and Supermini 10-15 classes.  Ian Chia #414 placed first overall in the 250 B Class with Dustin Jensen #101 and Antony Carreiro #991 on his tail.

Youth 16-24 Brandon Westberry #738 grabbed the hole shot in the first moto, but not far behind was Taylor Ditzian #20 and Antony Carreiro #991.  Second moto Taylor Ditzian got the hole shot with Brandon and Antony following behind.  Brandon passed Taylor, and after the first lap Taylor was back in first, but soon was passed again by Brandon.  Brandon placed first in both motos for the overall win.  In the 85 Beginner Class first moto Mike Barto #12 got the hole shot followed by Adam Pankoke #7, but overall finishes for the day, in order was Mike Barto #12 1st, Stefano Mesa #137 2nd, and Adam Pankoke #7 placing 3rd overall.  The 250C class had a lot of entries with Alex Nicol #694 getting the hole shot in the first moto followed by George Warren #177, and Daua Andreoli #118.  They swapped around during the race and George Warren ended up winning the first moto with Daua Andreoli and Alex Nicol second and third.  Overall however, it was Daua, George and Alex.

JR Mini 85cc 9-13 Class Jon Ames #17 from Arizona got the hole shot in the first moto and never looked back.  Bradford Young #124 had a bad start and was in the back of the pack.  Brad pushed his way through the pack to finish in second place in the first moto, followed by #15 Elias Chain from Mexico.  Overall was the same, Jon – Bradford – Elias.

The DNA Pro Challenge race was just as exciting as the prior weeks.  Out front was Derek Hall and Shawn Rife who went back and forth basically the first half of the race.  Derek pretty much kept the lead for the second half of the race, but in the last lap Derek made a small mistake, went off the track just a bit, and this gave time for Shawn to catch up just enough to be on his back tire.  Shawn was catching him and I thought he was actually going to pass Derek, but Hall would not allow that.  Derek won the Pro-Challenge today, and 500.00!

Video of Derek Hall and Shawn Rife – DNA Pro Challenge

Adam Cianciarulo Wallpaper – Click On The Image

Saturday Practice

I arrived at the track around 11:00 today, and it was surprisingly warm outside.  Party cloudy, or partly sunny, don’t know the difference, oh well.  It appeared to me that the track was in excellent shape, you riders tell me? Dalton Yingling took a spill today, hope he is okay.  Usual suspects were out practicing today.  Taylor Ditzian, Dalton Yingling, Antony Carreiro, Skylar Demuth, Brinsley Dyess, Bradford Yound, Joey Keel, all the Fasnacht’s, Jon Ames, Buchakjian’s, Jeremy Wahlstrom, Steel Gately, Ian Chia, to name a few….

Some featured pictures from today:


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