Barney’s Motorcycle Press Release – DCMX 2010 Race Season

Press Release

St. Petersburg Florida – 1/27/2010

Barney’s Motorcycle and Marine announces partnership with Rocket Racing for the 2010 DCMX season, establishing Team Barney’s Rocket Racing as a force to be reckoned with.  In spite of the tremendous struggles everyone in the Powersports industry has been facing the last few years, the Barney’s Organization feels strongly enough about amateur motocross to provide an unprecedented level of support to local racers.  In addition to the generous support package put together by Barney’s President KC Wood, they were also instrumental in establishing the following additional sponsors; Vortex, Pit Posse, Outlaw Products, Fox and Fly.

Team Barney’s Rocket Racing was founded in order to provide support to young amateur racers enabling them to continue to participate in the sport which they share together with their families.  The guiding principles behind the race team are family values, respect, emphasis on schoolwork and finally challenging oneself to do the best in everything they do.

A family owned business in the Tampa Bay area since 1946, Barney’s Motorcycle and Marine has always been (and continues to be) focused on making motorcycling fun for everyone.  Barney’s has two locations in the Tampa Bay area, with their flagship store located on Gandy Blvd in St. Petersburg and a second incredible location on Adamo Road in Brandon.  Each of these stores has the parts inventory you need, in stock, as well as all of the gear and accessories you require in order look good and be competitive throughout the entire season.  When you visit be sure to inquire about their Satellite Support Team Program.

The roster of racers on the Team Barney’s Rocket Racing is as follows:

Rider Name Bike # Bike Brand Class(es) Contested
Robbey “The Rocket” Ruffner 15 Kawasaki 85B 12-15


Kyle “Kane Pole” Kane 11 Kawasaki Supermini
JJ “Hollywood” Hendry 52 Honda 250 C, Open C
Zach Duchaine 232 Kawasaki 85A 12-15, Supermini
Garrett Richard 47 KTM 65A 9-11
Brooke Lynds 725 Kawasaki Junior Girls
Seth Brown 4 Kawasaki 65B 5-8
Nicolas Rego 121 Kawasaki 65B9-11
Dominic Rego 721 Kawasaki 85B 7-11
Angelica Rego 21 Kawasaki Junior Girls
Dalton Price 45 Kawasaki 85 Beg 7-11
KC Wood 66 Yamaha Plus 35 A

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