STMX Practice 11/22/09

I was not on my game today – let’s see, I chopped off heads, had the lens pointed down to far on my son’s helmet cam, had JPEG Images selected on the Helmet Cam instead of video, for Joe LaFalce.  My camera setting were not working for me..  ughhhhh……  What an idiot today I was..  lol

Joe’s picture images from the first attempt with the helmet cam.


Check this out, Kelli’s two month old baby boy is snoozin on the back.  The cutest ever!  Look how they have it secured to the four wheeler.  Awesome!

Check out the DZP!


10 Responses to STMX Practice 11/22/09

  1. guy says:

    im going to stmx soon i never been there in a long time i go there because me and my friend teir it up on the supercross and im looking forward to the new mx track there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Kelli Adkins says:

    Thank you shelley for the pics of all of us! Greatly appreciated! We like the ones of Baby trent always! Thank u so much!

    • doublezero says:

      You’re welcome! So nice to see you all.

  3. Chris 719 says:

    Great to see DZP at Seminole today. Cannot wait to see pics!!!!!!!!!!!

    • doublezero says:

      Hope you like the ones I got of you…

  4. WWMX...Erik # 5 says:

    Wow, great picture of Samantha, she is sooo excited. Thanks so much Shelly !! 🙂

    • doublezero says:

      Glad she likes it!

  5. TONY LEON #124 CR250 says:

    Don’t sweat it!!! Your efforts and time are greatly appreciated by me and all motocross riders. I personally am very grateful for the pictures you have gotten of me. No complaints ever. Thank You!! Thank You!!!

    • doublezero says:

      Thanks so much Tony! You are very welcome!

  6. guy says:

    the video is sort of weird taping but still great went to thondercross today it was great i was like the second fastest there today going the next weekend to if you guys are see ya ther!

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