New addition to the motocross family!

Pictures sent in by Sendi Goss.  Thanks Sendi!

Wayne & Kelli’s little TRENT !!  So cute, and congratulations to you both!




5 Responses to New addition to the motocross family!

  1. wwmx...eddie says:

    congrats Wayne & Kelli hope you guys are as blessed as i am with youre new son.Hey wayne its time to start building that 51cc. love you guys hope to be back soon…. Eddie…

  2. guy says:

    awwww……..hes so cute going to miami mx tommorow great pics shelly!

  3. mitchel jerome says:

    awww mann i cant wait for mine to be here

  4. Kelli Adkins says:

    Awww I love the pictures Sendi and Shelley!!!! They are both so very cute! Trent just loved the sound of the dirtbikes and the MX crowd last weekend at Miami MX track. He rather stayed outside than stay in the RV that day! lol…. As u can see… Our lil MX warrior! Thank you again for the pictures Sendi we love them! And Thank u for posting the pictures up on DZP Shelley! Wayne has your DZP logo on his gear as u can see we represent You!…lol Kelli #512 and Wayne #815

  5. WWMX...Erik # 5 says:

    awww…nice pics Shelly. Trent hung out with us last Sunday at Miami MX and will be at STMX this week !!

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