Seminole Tribe MX – South Florida Series Oct 3 – 4, 2009


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*Posted Monday AM – CLICK HERE for Sunday 10/04/09 Race Pictures

*Posted Monday AM – CLICK HERE for Saturday 10/03/09 Practice Pictures

*Posted Monday AM – Click HERE for Pit Patrol Pictures By Alyssa Bollmann

*Posted Monday AM – Click HERE for Saturday evening after practice AND some night shots where I let the moon be the light – no flash was used – long exposure shots of the track.

*Posted Monday AM – Night shot on the track – moon behind the flag – long exposure.  Click thumb below.


Sunday Evening 10/04/09

My son just told me that I had 2006 as the year for the date in the header, I am so stupid sometimes..  lol

The day started out great, with Church Service by Chaplain Cullen Walker, then the riders meeting started promptly at 8:15.  During the riders meeting special prayers were said for Oscar Diaz, and Alyssa Bollmann spoke about Oscar as well.  Everyone did an awesome job!

STMX had a special site lap as well today for Oscar Diaz.  I think I made a mistake because I decided to ride in the mule and video tape everyone behind me, and well let’s say it was just a bit bumpy.  I think I hit my head about 50 times on the back of it trying not to fall out.  It was still cool though, thanks Jack!

Some good battles today between Joey Keel and Bradford Young, and also Joey Keel and Alex Patapis! Joey’s last moto however, his bike blew up, and Bradford took the win.  Corey Fink took a big spill today, and I hear he is doing fine now, while his younger brother Casey Fink was kicking butt in the C Class. Brinsley Dyess dominated the Woman’s class.  Skylar Demuth went down at practice so he could not race today.

Carreiro was killin it today in the 250 Open Class and 250B Class.  Castillo beat the competition today in the 125cc 2 Stroke Class. Rogan placed 1st in the first moto’s of the Youth 16 – 24, and 450 Open Classes, (not sure about second motos).  Flanders did very well today in his classes, good to see him on top.  Plus 40 Delgado was out front continually throughout the day.

No matter what class was racing, every one was just as exciting as the next, from the 50cc Classes to the Plus 50 Classes.  With two races left in the series, the competition is fierce, and it is getting very interesting to see who comes out on top!

Some featured pictures from today’s racing.










10/03/09 Saturday

Featured Pics from around the pits after practice.









Some featured pictures from today.  Beautiful day today, really.













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  1. guy says:

    sick pics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. guy says:

    great pics love them

  3. Jason#15 says:

    Were Can i Find the vid of you in the golf cart taking a site lap?

    • doublezero says:

      I am hoping to upload the STMX vids tonight… you did not miss them, just not uploaded yet..

      • Jason#15 says:

        ohh ok.

  4. dillon baller heath lol says:

    where can i find the video from the dj at seminole at?

    • doublezero says:

      I did not take any video of the DJ. Must have been someone else…

  5. guy says:

    nice pics dzp what type of bike does brinsley have i only seen her on a kx 85.

  6. Roberto Castillo #811 says:

    HEY pictures were awesome thank you so much 😉

    • doublezero says:


  7. Gregg Ditzian says:

    Very cool pics and insite full play by play!

    • doublezero says:

      Not really, but just made a few notes from what I remembered last night when we got home. Your son rode great!

  8. Adam Pankoke #7 says:

    love the featured pics cant wait to see the rest!!!!!

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