Power Plant Racing – Patrick Stojack’s Article Makes RacerXOnline!

Received an email from Patrick Stojack telling me about his article appearing on RacerXOnline, in the Racerhead section.  This is very cool, check it out…  Don’t forget to click on the link once in Racerhead, it takes you to TwoStrokeMotocross.com, which is where you can read his article.  Check out the graphics by InMotionGrafix.com and the “DZP” on the fender..  You guys are awesome!  Oh great article too!


Front View fender

6 Responses to Power Plant Racing – Patrick Stojack’s Article Makes RacerXOnline!

  1. guy says:

    aswome stickers!

  2. Does anyone has pat’s email or phone #? I met him at seminole and I want to do some mods on my 125… If someone can help me getting in touch with him I’ll appreciate, this is my # 786-797-1611
    Santiago #90

    • doublezero says:

      Email address is powrplant@comcast.net phone is 954-804-1783

      • Santiago Masdeu says:

        thanks so much!! see you at seminole!

  3. Ricky Bradshaw says:

    Too trick. Nice work, nice passion.

  4. Huey #124 says:

    thats cool two smoke 4 life

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