South Florida Motocross Series Round One STMX


Note – always check the South Florida Motocross Series Website for updates on the Series – There are important updates, news, sign up forms, email notification sign up, banquet info etc.

Sunday Race Pictures – CLICK HERE – Track was in great shape, however, getting around the track to take pictures and video was difficult, could only stand in a few spots where I would not be standing in water.  Took a lot of breaks because of the heat, but it was a great day overall!

Sunday Pit Patrol Pictures by Sendi Goss – CLICK HERE

Saturday Practice Pictures CLICK HERE – We got to the track around 10:30, took some pictures, then it rained..  oh well, I was able to get 152 Pictures.

Results are posted from Sunday’s race CLICK HERE for SFMX Website

Helmet Cam Footage Below – Turn your volume way up to hear it.

Wallpaper -Dalton Yingling – 1920 x 1200

Sunday Racing

**Update Sunday 9:48 PM (After The Race)

So today was great!  Over 500 folks went through the gate, with about 335 sign-ups I believe, and no rain in sight today.  Track was in excellent shape, considering the rain that came down yesterday.  Greg Barker and his crew worked late into the evening and early this AM to get the track race ready, great job!


If you haven’t already done so, pick up a copy of the latest FLMX Magazine and check out the ad for the SFMX Series, it includes end of series banquet info.  Looks like a great time with lots of prizes and extras!

I can’t tell you how much I appreciate Sendi Goss!  She is the one walking around taking pictures in the pits (Pit Patrol), passing out DZP stickers and cards, and always manages to find time to whip up some burgers for us at lunch.  Sendi, I don’t know what your secret is but would you share your recipe?  Your burgers are out of this world.  Thank you Sendi for providing the Pit pictures for everyone to enjoy!

Kudos to InMotion Grafix, they printed up the DZP banners that were placed around the track!  Their work is top notch!  They have a website, but it is under construction right now, CLICK HERE for the link.  All three bikes below are dressed up with InMotion Grafix.

Below are some featured pictures from today’s racing.


The series has a cool podium background for riders to be interviewed after the race.  Looks cool!


Ever hear of Magic Bubbles, Inc. ?


WOOOOOOO #44 Look at You!  🙂


Very cool to see Jeremy Shuttleworth back at the track.  Not only did he race, but it was his son’s first race ever today, he raced the 50cc 4-6 Class.


Saturday Practice

**Update Saturday 2:59

Racing is on folks..  Grab your kids (if you have any), and come watch some great racing tomorrow, or get here today and sign up to race..!

**Update Saturday 1:53 pm

It is drizzling just a little bit…  Basically hardly any pictures today, ughhhh…..  Can’t wait for tomorrow!







**Update Saturday 12:37 pm

We pulled in around 10:00 AM, and there are TONS of folks here!  I was surprised to see so many people here this early, I assume they spent the night at the track.

I noticed a brand spanking new podium, with all the series sponsors on it!  Looks cool, I will get a picture later today.  Bob and Linda Elmore (Race Chaplain) are here to hold a church service tomorrow AM.  Jeff Yingling’s Freedom Racing is here with the nice big rig, and Dionne Racing is also here.  I have taken some pictures, not many, in the heat, and do I mean HEAT!  It is so hot and muggy, but the track is in excellent condition.  It has started to rain, so this is why I am in the motor home giving an update on the BLOG.  Let’s hope the rain stops so we can get on with the weekend!!


11 Responses to South Florida Motocross Series Round One STMX

  1. Jason#15 says:

    Sweet Picss. It was an awsome day.

    • doublezero says:

      Thanks Jason

  2. guy says:

    nice pic of keel and dyess my f r a v o r i t e lol i have such clumsy writing and im not joking i really do like the piczzzzz offfff joey keeeel and brinsley dyesss see i told you i have clumsy writing but thats only on the computer!!!!!

  3. guy says:

    great pics i love them expesely the ones of joey keel and brinsley dyess!man i havint went to thondercross in a longggggg time and seminole the only track iv been going to is miami motocross but its a pretty good track knaw that its peen improved its a aswome and challenging course im going this weekend!!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Too many sandbaggers in the C classes

    • me says:

      you got that right,

  5. Dean Herrera AKA Hurricane says:

    What an awesome weekend it was! Thanks Sendi for taking some photos. Cant wait to see you at round 2. Hope to see some photos from Sun.

    Thanks again,


  6. Adam Pankoke #y says:

    Awsome pics sendi goss and shelley!

  7. Brinsley says:

    good pics when is sundays going to be up ? thanks

    • doublezero says:

      Later today, just now going through them.. You did great yesterday Brinsley!

  8. Sean Sattanno says:

    yea. excited, I’m heading up to Seminole this weekend. Hopefully not a mudder. Hope a lot of people show up.

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