X Games Picture To Share

Just wanted to share this picture with you all!  My future Son & Law Paul Perebijnos was the mechanic for Josh Hansen who won the X Games Supercross GOLD medal yesterday in LA.  Standing by him are Erica (my daughter) and Taylor (my son), and Josh’s bike.  Taylor has been in LA for the past week visiting Erica and Paul.

Congrat’s to Josh and Paul.

Taylor and Rand are flying back to Floirda today, yeah!!

Yes, Taylor did cut all his hair off…  lol

(Taylor, Erica, Paul)  Click image for larger view...

(Taylor, Erica, Paul) Click image for larger view...


One Response to X Games Picture To Share

  1. GossFam says:

    CONGRATULATIONS JOSH & PAUL!! We can’t imagine how incredible it must have been to feel the excitement of the day with such a great win ! Taylor…..we’re jealous !

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