Do you want to order pictures?

Up until now it has been rather difficult to buy pictures from DZP. I would like to keep it possible for everyone to download the compressed pictures at no cost. So in an effort to please everyone, if you have not noticed, I started using SmugMug (which I love) to house DZP pictures!

Some Galleries are protected, but most are not, and what you see, and can ACCESS, is the highly compressed version of the picture. What you can BUY is a high quality print (quality is much better than the compressed version that you would normally download).

Send DZP an email (yes you still need to do this so everyone can still download as they like), indicate the day the picture was taken and the DSC picture #. I will then upload the HIGH RESOLUTION version to a special link, and from there (this is the cool part) you can order your pictures in any size you want, and as many as you want, right through SmugMug. You can even order the full resolution version for DOWNLOAD for personal use!

So give it a try!


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