BBMX CREW newsletter By Chris Weedon – 02-05-09

BBMX CREW newsletter By Chris Weedon – 02-05-09 “The house the “King” built…”

This weekend, the DNA Energy Drink/ team is back in Anaheim, CA for the third and final time to Angels Stadium,  for round 6 of the AMA Supercross series.  This weekend is going to be interesting in a lot of ways. 1) The track for A3 was designed by the “King” himself, Jeremy McGrath.  Jeremy was known as a very technical rider, so it is no surprise the track that he has designed is one of the more technical tracks in the series thus far.  The track is nothing but one big rhythm section. This type of track is a throwback to the mid 90’s style track, where McGrath was very dominant. 2) The weather is calling for ….RAIN on Saturaday.  Yup, rain is in the forcast for this weekend, which will make a tricky track even trickier.  To have made it this far into the season without rain has been astonishing since by this time last year we had already had 3 mud races.  BBMX rider Matt Boni is looking forward to the mud, as last year he proved that he is a mud expert, giving himself and BBMX’s first ever podium at Daytona.  Jason Thomas will be out at A3, suiting up and ready for battle.  After sitting out last weekend’s race in San Francisco(where his return was suppose to happen), JT will be back under the DNA Energy Drink/ tent.

Anaheim 3’s track is vastly different than the slow, one lined track we saw in San Francisco.  Precision is the word for the weekend on this track.
Team Race Recap – San Francisco

DNA Energy Drink/BTO Have One of Those Nights in San Francisco –
In front of a near sellout crowd in San Francisco California, the DNA Energy Drink/BTO team experienced the agony of defeat after many weeks of great results in the AMA Supercross series. The teams riders, Shaun Skinner in the 250 class and Matt Boni in the 450 class both failed to qualify for the main event. It was especially gut wrenching for Boni as he had made every main event thus far in the series, one of only two privateers to have done so.

Skinner was in qualifying spot when he got landed on by another rider. His helmet was cracked and Shaun was dazed pretty good. ” I usually don’t pitch sponsors products after a crash, but I am 100% sure that in this case that the new FLY Formula helmet that Skinner was wearing saved his head from a major injury.  The helmet did more than its job and Skinner was able to walk away after having his head landed on by a 200 plus lb motorcycle. Thank you to the FLY guys for keeping him safe” reported team manager Forrest Butler. When contacted for a quote for this all Shaun would say was “I race motorcycles?”

Boni was on it in the heat but went off the track after colliding with defending sx champion Chad Reed and knocked out of a qualifying spot. He got back on it and was working hard to get back into the main when he sucked another rider up into his rear wheel. As you can imagine the bike stopped and he was done. In the LCQ he didn’t get the jump and was dealing with the approximately 2 million dollars of riders in salaries that were in that race. He tried his best but came up short, the team was out of the main events and the tears flowed. Not really but that sounds good.

The tears subsided when one of the teams sponsors, Bel-Ray, threw a really cool after party for the guys.

There’s no way that DNA Energy Drink/BTO can go racing without the help of their sponsors and would like to thank the following companies:

DNA Energy Drink,, Rick Case Honda, FLY Racing, Bel-Ray, WMI suspension & motors, Vortex, FMF, Wiseco, Smith, Stellar Mx, ASMF, ICW, Dunlop, QTM / Talon, RK, Applied, CV4, Twin-Air, MX Press, Sponsorhouse, Polisport, Devol, ASV, Pit Posse, Ogio, Leatt Brace, Alpinestars, Engine Ice, Kinetic Animation, Group D, Seminole Tribe Mx, FLmx, VP Racing fuels

For more team updates, sponsor news and race updates go to: and

Team News
DNA Energy Drink/BTO rider Jason Thomas is planning to make his return to the supercross series this weekend at A3.  His plans to return to the series in SF were put on hold after a practice incident hurt his recovered leg.  Instead of risking it more, JT decided to sit it out one more weekend to let his leg completely be 100%.  Jason has been putting in the laps during the week on Chad Reed’s private tracks and is ready to stir up the top 10. In case you didn’t get a chance to listen, the following link is Steve Matthes’ podcast with Jason Thomas.  Give a listen.

This month’s Bel-Ray featured product is Bel-Ray’s Foam Filter oil. Air filters and oils that saturate them basically do two things: stop dirt and pass air.  The most important aspect is stopping dirt. Don’t let dirt, dust and water slow you down, use Bel-Ray Foam Filter Oil to keep you on the winning track. To read more about Bel-Ray’s Foam Filter oil, click on the following link:

The DNA Energy Drink/ San Francisco photo gallery is up.  If you haven’t checked out the photos from the race and the Bel Ray afterparty, click the following link to check them out.

Can’t make it to Supercross?  Make sure you keep it logged on to, as we will be blogging throughout the day and adding photos to the website from practice and the night show.  We will be doing this all season from every round, so be sure to log on to the BBMX site while you are listening to the webcast.

Would you like a DNA Energy Drink Shirt?  We want to give you one!  One lucky BBMX Crew member will be chosen to receive a DNA Energy drink shirt  every week, courtesy of DNA Energy Drinks.  Winners will be announced on the website and emailed after Supercross weekend. keep your eyes peeled, you could be the lucky winner of a new DNA Energy Drink shirt, courtesy of DNA Energy Drinks.

That’s it for now.  Be sure to keep logged on for your Supercross updates and photos from our team photographer, Chris Weedon, while you are at home listening to the webcast.  Till next week, keep it pinned and grab the holeshot!



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