Thundercross Motocross Park Practice Pics 12/20/08

Several folks commented to me today about not being at Seminole and how did I like Thundercross.  Several had no idea that for 10 years solid my family traveled all over the state of Florida weekend after weekend to the races.  Year after year we did every Gold Cup, every Winter Am, Winter Olympics, Loretta area and regional qualifiers, Florida Series (even when it was the Sunshine Series), FTR Motocross and Hare Scrambles, Ponca City, Air Dania weekend races and practices during the week, Dade City weekend races and Randy Yoho Schools, Brandon Cunningham schools, Gary Baily schools, Tichenor schools, Buddy Duffy schools etc….  Traveled to Michigan, Texas, Georgia, New York, Alabama, Tennessee, Ohio, South Carolina, Indiana and others.  We have been around, and most of you just don’t know that because we have taken it pretty easy the last couple years.  WOW WHAT A RIDE !!!!  So many people we have met along the way…  I would not change a thing..

Enjoy the ride while you can!!!

Oh, and about Thundercross?  The track is awesome, flows nicely, more hard pack dirt than before, and appears to be a safe track.  Good job Dean!

STYLE CHECK – Interesting…..  CLICK HERE (Adam Cianciarulo and Joey Keel)


Adam Cianciarulo

Adam Cianciarulo

Nice section of the track.

Nice section of the track.

Skylar Demuth (DZP Rider)

Skylar Demuth (DZP Rider)

Taylor Ditzian

Taylor Ditzian


Ryan Behrmann

Russell Clay

Russell Clay


Chris Anyzeski

Crazy fast and crazy sick...

Crazy fast and crazy sick...

David Burstein

David Burstein


20 Responses to Thundercross Motocross Park Practice Pics 12/20/08

  1. beginineer says:

    does adam cinncirilo run a 65 or a 85

    • Anonymous says:


  2. spanky says:

    hey guys, is there rv camping allowed on weekends? thanx

  3. DZP says:

    The website is

    But it is not updated regularly, at least not as of yet.. I am sure they will update more info later, but that is their website..


  4. Harry Norton says:

    trying to get detailed info about practice schedule.

    website info???

    HELP !!!


  5. doublezero says:

    You’re welcome Joey and Demuth’s….

  6. doublezero says:

    Thanks Brinsley! Good to see you Saturday… You are all grown up… You all are doing a great job with the track!

  7. brinsley #95 says:

    the web site is

  8. eric and skylar demuth says:

    thanks for all the great pictures….DZP Rocks

  9. Joey Stoeckert #81 says:

    Thanks for the awesome pictures. I hope to see you out there more often

  10. doublezero says:

    You’re Welcome to everyone…!

  11. Joey Keel #819 says:

    Thanks for taking such great pics of me

  12. Ryan Behrmann#314 says:

    thanks for all the great pics

  13. doublezero says:

    Here is a link to info on Thundercross – they don’t have a website as of yet, that I could find, and I forgot to ask Dean yesterday.. 😦

  14. eric 355 says:

    looks like joey is throwing more roost then adam in that pic in the style check thing..hahaha

  15. dave says:

    awesome thanks. what are the practice days schedlule???

  16. Chris Anyzeski says:

    Thanks Shelly so much. It was great to see you at Thundercross! I hope you and the “seminole crew” come out there more often. Yesterday was my b day and you made it ten times better with some sweet pics!


  17. doublezero says:

    Have not heard of any races yet…. Once I find out, I will post something…

  18. dave says:

    what is the race schedule for thundercross???

  19. taylor ditzian says:

    Another great set of pics I heard the guy on the quad is a pro he is awsome on that quad, nice to see you and Taylor traveling again he looks like he is having fun again!

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