Thundercross Motocross Park – Okeechobee

Thundercross practice is Wed, Sat, Sun from 10 – 5.

As you have seen DZP posted a slide on the homepage announcing the re-opening of Thundercross Motocross Park!  YES it is located at the same place, same owners (Dean Dyess), and I also was able to locate the address and directions from the internet.

If you select HYBRID view and go just a little bit north of the location the map takes you to, you can see the track.  The pic must have been taken after they plowed it down when they closed.  This gives you exact directions on how to get to the track.

ThunderCross MX
Location: Okeechobee, FL  (Okeechobee County)
5651 N.E. 80th Ave. (Off Hwy. 70 E.)
Contact: Dean Dyess

Phone: 863.634.2742

(Map & Driving Directions)

Below is what you are looking for on the HYBRID MAP, you have to select HYBRID Look where the Pin is and zoom in a little bit.  Below is just an image, you need to go to the Map above.


5 Responses to Thundercross Motocross Park – Okeechobee

  1. Alison says:

    Is that where you can just ride on your dirtbike for fun? i might get one for christmas.

  2. suzukirider112 says:

    thundercross is awesome i used to race there on 50s

  3. 93 says:

    the tracks pretty good

  4. doublezero says:

    Marky Flanders updated the Shoutbox with the conditions of the track a couple days ago… Check there to see if you can find it. I can’t remember what he actually said…

  5. 736 says:

    Does anyone know how the track is?

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