Seminole Tribe Motocross Race 9/21/08


Below is a small clip of a start involving Carreiro and Meija, video version of the pic below.

Helmet Cam of Marky Flanders – Right CLICK HERE and save to your computer. Helmet cam is in Quicktime and 65 meg.

Different way to view pics so….  Thumbs UP or thumbs DOWN, let DZP know and comment below.

You MUST have the flash plug-in to view the pictures, if you don’t have it CLICK HERE to download.

Also don’t block pop-ups on the site, if you want to download any pics you must have pop-ups working.

To download a pic, position your mouse over the picture, then look to the upper left, and you will see the option to download.  There is also a link on bottom right with an arrow pointing down and you can click on that directly.

Remember, it is impossible for me to get everyone at every corner, jump, start etc.. I carry two Video Cameras, and a still shot camera.  I take video and pictures so if I did not capture you I am sorry, I tend to focus on riders I know and who are active with the site…  )


Saturday Practice Pics CLICK HERE!

iHoleshot – Antony Carreiro – Click Image Below

Dirt Fast – Dunkel – Click Image Below



RACE FACE – CLICK on Image Below – Steven Shaffer

Alyssa’s Pit Patrol Pics – Click Image Below

Thanks to Alyssa Bollmann for taking Pit Patrol pictures today!

DZP Featured Pics From The Weekend

These two gave us all a good show!  Awesome - Marky Flanders and Antony Carriero..


Favorite Corner - Johan.. Good Corner Johan!

Messed up fender...  Best wishes to the rider...

Thanks so much to EVERYONE who is wearing the DZP's stickers!

Thanks to EVERYONE who is wearing DZP Stickers!

9/20/08 Saturdays practice was loaded with people!

Joe LaFalce ripping in the corners!

Joe LaFalce rippin it in the corners!

Seth giving some riding tips!

Seth giving some riding tips!

RACE TIME PEOPLE !!  This will be the link for pics-vids-helmet cam etc of the race…  BE THERE!

I will be taking pics, vid, helmet cams, featured racer, iHoleshot, Dirtfast, Raceface etc.  The video will be from the entire weekend, not just race day.  So look for the camera.  I will be taking a lot more pics and vid from the pits.  Smile you’re on camera…!

The helmet cam requires set-up, so the day before the race I will pick a couple people and I will need to do a couple test runs so we know how to position the camera on the helmet, to make sure we get the angle just right.  So if you agree to do the helmet cam, please be available for this.  Thanks.


43 Responses to Seminole Tribe Motocross Race 9/21/08

  1. doublezero says:

    Thanks Nino!!

  2. Nino911 says:

    very nice pic as always,
    thanks for being there
    love new way to see pics
    u guys rock

  3. doublezero says:

    sure is… I like it!

  4. Marky Flanders says:

    This thread is bumpin shelly !!

  5. Marky Flanders says:

    Yea thank you goss we got to do it again this weekend fo sho lol

  6. carreiro991 says:

    thanks Goss :]

    e nico…eh a dona do site que posta as fotos e videos e tal, nao sou eu nao kkkk. abraco

  7. Goss says:

    Congrats 991 !! Shelly captured a great Holeshot. You and Flanders put on a tense race for everyone to enjoy !!

  8. nico gov valadares mg says:

    Oi Antony, estou vendo uns videos manero seus , coloca mais pra nos, abraçao..


  9. Carreiro 991 says:

    haha he said “Just stopping by to say hi say congrats to Antony(me:]) and to say hi to everyone all the way from GV, Brazil”

    no biggie ;] lol

  10. doublezero says:

    Yes, there is more video coming. Try to get the vid posted sometime this weekend.

    Hey what did the dude say in Portugese?

  11. carreiro991 says:

    hey shelley….i was also wondering if you are done with all the stuff form the last race or if there’s still more stuff to come..
    lemme know please, Thanks a lot! :]

    you’re the best!

  12. carreiro991 says:

    that ain’t spanigh niggys, that’s PorTuGueseeee cheahhh

    kkk valeu Nico! abracao pra vc tambem carar!!!!! fui!

  13. Marky Flanders says:

    Yea fo real son No habla espanol

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