Seminole Tribe Practice Saturday 9/13/08


Below is a link to a Helmet Cam from today, of the Motocross Track.  Could have put the camera a bit higher on the helmet, but you get the idea.  The file is compressed for the web..

He does the big table single in the second lap, about half way through.

Helmet Cam Of The Motocross Track – Quick Time Format – You can right click and download to your computer.


8 Responses to Seminole Tribe Practice Saturday 9/13/08

  1. DZP says:

    Hey this is not G2 Photos…. : / Pictures posted on this site are taken by DZP not G2… lol

  2. Dear Seth,Greg and rest

    I had a blast! I just can’t wait to come back out there and ride.Tell the g2 photo guy GREAT JOB! You guys are the best.


  3. nico gov valadares mg says:

    surera antony pocoraba a traz 138 ahahahahahhhhahahahhahahhhhhhhhhhhhahaahahh nico minininhas ahahahahaha

  4. Kevin#2 says:

    Prac pix are great as usual and much appreciated by all!! Thanks

  5. doublezero says:

    Yeah, I know…. I wonder if the Lens was pointed higher up if it would make a difference. We are going to do it again this weekend and position it higher… Taylor loves the table single!

  6. Edwin 456 says:

    that table-single is sick.. the vid doesnt do it justice! sweeeet!

  7. doublezero says:

    haha, I try… 🙂

  8. Carreiro 991 says:

    you’re wayyyy to fast with uploading pictures lol.
    Thanks Shelley! You’re the best!

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