Seminole Tribe 10,000 Pro/Am Weekend!

Thanks for stopping by DZP’s Website.  I have changed the picture format, hope you like it.

I only took pictures this weekend, no video except for one rider I am doing a video for. Since my G4 is still down, I have to keep the workload small… sorry…

Pictures From Sunday – CLICK HERE

Pictures From Saturday – CLICK HERE

Alyssa’s Pit Patrol Pictures – CLICK HERE

Sunday update (5:36)

Don’t forget Alyssa was on PIT PATROL, and those pictures will also be posted tonight… Wonder who and what she took pictures of?

Brad Bollmann won all three Motos in the “A” CLASS, and took the overall! He took home tons of CASH! Below Brad getting the CASH!

Perhaps this is why….. I do think he is dragging the bars here!

(Below) Good start here by Carreiro and Flanders…

(Below) #11 Grieser – Fun to watch!

(Below) Seth Block – Give Seth a big HAND, he does an awesome job announcing all day! He is sporting the SPECTRO cap. Spectro was at Seminole again handing out hole shot awards.

(Below) Billy Nelsen being Billy! cracks me up…

(Below) D.F.B. Jumping Chicks – LOL

Saturday UPDATE 6:00 pm

A lot of CASH has been given out today.. Anyone who did not show up to race is CRAZY !!!!

Heat got to me, so the second set of motos I basically stayed in the Motorhome. Planning on getting more pictures tomorrow during the third set of motos…

Some pics from today…

(Below) Antony Carreiro

(Below) Westberry

(Below) Crespi

(Below) Taylor Ditzian, interview after winning his moto.

(Below) Funky Flanders…..

Saturday UPDATE 1:00 pm

Brad Bollmann raced his first “A” Race (Motocross A). He won the race against Lucas Crespi, Garrett Edminsten, Joe LaFalce, Billy Nelson Derek Kain, and Max Rash. Max went down and messed up his shoulder, I think he is going to be okay though.

Nick Myers came out on top in the B Class, not sure which one, with Antony Carreiro right on his tail.

Block and Kain battled in out in the 25+ Class.

Joey Keel is killin it today… Winning by a mile, (well not really), but you catch my drift.

All the notes I have for now…


DZP is only taking pictures this weekend. Computer still down..

Yep, this weekend.. It’s that time again! Should be some great racing. Come out and watch even if you are not racing… During break they are racing the Trophy Cars, and I heard a rumor that Rick Case Honda is giving away a bike.


2 Responses to Seminole Tribe 10,000 Pro/Am Weekend!

  1. Monique Grieser says:

    I think the pics you take are awesome. Since I moved to Colorado I don’t get see my brother, Blake Grieser #11 atv, race. I keep myself up to date through FTR, SSQSA, and the Seminole Tribe track. I love to check out the awesome pics you take of him and he looks awesome in the pics from this race.


  2. WWMX..ERIK # 5 says:

    Thats awesome about Brad, sounds like some good racing. I wish i would have gone, oh well…

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