Congrats to BBMX – Toronto Supercross Lites – Clean Sweep!

South Florida should be proud. Butler Brothers came out on top last night in Toronto, with finishes of 1st, 2nd and 3rd overall in the lites class. It was a clean sweep for the team. I feel like some of the members are my children, why? Paul Perebijnos, is actually family. Paul is engaged to my daughter Erica Walker. She was down visiting this past weekend, and is attending Law School, so she was deep in her books, while Paul was in Toronto. Paul used to race, won Ponca City Nationals a few years back, top rider in Florida during his amateur career, and now is the Mechanic for Kyle Cunningham AND Matt Boni. He also was Shaun Skinner’s mechanic last year. Paul has been with Butler Brothers for 3 years now. Paul is the one in the picture below holding the MMI Top Tech Award up in the air.

Shaun Skinner and family have been friends for years and I have been watching him race since he was on the 80’s. The Skinner family raced the Winter Am’s, Florida Gold Cups, Florida Series Races, Winter Olympics etc, just like we did, and even a few FTR races I believe. When my son Taylor was a pee wee rider, he would ride his pee wee bike around the back yard, and a family, who was visiting our neighbors behind us, saw Taylor riding and decided to come over. They asked if we race, and we got to talking and realized we were all at the same tracks weekend, after weekend, after weekend. This family was the Skinners. Shaun always talked to my nephew Charlie Walker at the track, who also raced back then. I remember being at Okeechobee and Shaun would ALWAYS ask me about Charlie, and I always thought to myself that this family is awesome. Very kind, thoughtful and always nice to be around.

Matt Boni has always been an amazing racer, and we watched him throughout his amateur days here in Florida, always battling with Chisholm, Skinner, Johnson, Keylon and others. These guys are all Pro now and I just can’t believe it!

Also pictured, and have known for years, are Stewey, Dan Truman, and of course the Butler Brothers.

Photo from TWMX website… Click it for a larger view. To me this is just awesome…!



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