What do you think about the “LAST 20 RULE” ?

While not all tracks allow minis on the track with big bikes, the below was thought of recently after a young boy, Foster Turner, passed away in Alabama last week, at Monster Mountain. He crashed and then was hit by a big bike. Post your comments below, tell us what you think.. The gentlemen who thought of this rule, posts on a forum, which is where I got this from.

There are too many mini riders being injured or killed
Save our Kids - Last 20 Minutes

There are too many mini riders being injured or killed at tracks that allow mixed practice of small bikes and large bikes. One idea proposed to help minimize these types of accidents is to split the minis and full size practice. Run full size bikes 100cc and above for the first 40 minutes and then run minis the last 20 minutes. It could be possible to reverse the time or alter the track time but this is a simple idea that can easily be implemented and enforced. Even if there are only a handful of minis let them run. This is only one idea but track owners and managers please consider your responsibility to promote a safe track for all riders.


7 Responses to What do you think about the “LAST 20 RULE” ?

  1. cordell butlers mom 2k says:

    i agree with marky

  2. Marky Flanders says:

    i dont think we need this rule. Other ways we can help this is just by spliting up the practices evenly. Dont build jumps that you cant see the landing till your in the air. Get flaggers that actually do there jobs no just sit there sleep and listen to music.

  3. John Rogan says:

    It’s a great idea !!!!!!!

  4. Tsopelas says:

    Not sure??? they should just ride the SX track

  5. Kody1 Kevin2 Shay3 & Sendi Goss says:

    We support it !! ANYTHING that adds SAFETY for big and little bikes should be a welcomed and easy to implement.

  6. Johan 713 says:

    I’m all for it! We have to keep the little ones safe. They don’t need to even get startled by a big bike blowing by them or landing right next to them, or the worst, on top of them.

  7. Bean104 says:

    I’m all for this last 20 rule! There definately has to be something done to keep these innocent kids safe! In my experiance I would hate to see what happened to me happen to a little kid. Big bikes should never be on the track with the little guys, period.

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