New Motocross Park in Central Florida

Flying High Motocross Park – Click Link Below for the website. Who has been there and what do you think about it?  I have been told that the Billy Wood from FLMX is not the Billy Wood involved in the track.


8 Responses to New Motocross Park in Central Florida

  1. rmz 250 #50 says:

    Please open back up,Bartow sucks and everything else is to Far, we need these places to keep this sport alive.

  2. doublezero says:

    What is your purpose Mr. Wood? If that is your real name. Why are you trying to start trouble? geez

  3. chris wood says:

    flying high race track is bad ass only y people did not like it its because they suck hahaha

  4. chris wood says:

    dumb ass if u guys knew the reall story about the track then u would now

  5. doublezero says:

    Yes we know, thanks, this post is old… hope all is well…

  6. just a dude says:

    Track has been shut down. Owners lied to county to get permits, then county found out.

    Lesson: Don’t build a motocross track next to a wildlife preserve and lie to county officials about it… 🙂

  7. doublezero says:

    Sounds like a cool place! Thanks for the info!

  8. Quad #35 says:

    Made the trip to Flying High this past Sat. The track was not as long as I expected it to be based on the pictures on their website. They split the practices up between big bikes,quads and pee-wees. That was nice beacuse it is a very technical track. Most of the jumps you cannot see the other side so being a quad rider I didn’t have to worry about a big bike landing on me on the other side of the doubles,and triples. The faces of the jumps are mostly hard packed clay so the lips stayed hard and not rutted. Several of the corners are also clay w/ a few corners loose sand. The track was good but they still have alot of work to do on the facilites. No bleachers or really any shaded areas. They do have a childrens playground but, it was right against the tracks fence and it didn’t seem like the best possible spot for kids to play. But for only being open for three weeks now they have really made a nice very technical track they just need to get the facilities up to par. I would recommend that you visit the track.

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