Seminole Practice Jan 12, 2008

Beautiful day! There were so many people here today, but it was cool. Tomorrow is the first race of Seminoles three race series. Below are some pics from todays practice.. If you want some pics, you better get on down to Seminole tomorrow for the race!

(Below) Antony had crashed pretty bad on the supercross track, I thought he was all there, but this picture shows that he just might not be, lol… Anyways, he really was not all there, as I have heard that Antony does not remember doing this. I snapped it about 5 minutes after he crashed.

UPDATE: I talked to Antony later in the evening, and he remembers…. He is doing good and will be racing as far as I know…


(Below) Traulsen doing what he loves!


(Below) It’s good to see my son Taylor riding again!


(Below) The little guys are kicking butt on this track!


(Below) Joe V. back riding, he has been out since April…. That is a long time to be off the bike!



5 Responses to Seminole Practice Jan 12, 2008

  1. im just gifted..i have special flixing skills =D hahah

    and btw i was fine after the crashh.. nothing happened

  2. Marky Flanders says:

    WTF how do u get your legs that high u flexible mo fo lol

  3. Muth says:

    Antony, you are so crazy. That looks so weird. Jimmy, George and The Muth

  4. Megan Stojack says:


  5. Megan Stojack says:

    my oh my,
    would you look at that goofy kid Antony Carreiro. haha kidding! Looks like a fun day. Wish I could of been out there. Take care DZP!

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