Seminole Tribe Today 12/16/07 – Updated 12/17/07 evening

Was not at the Supercross Race yesterday. Holiday’s keeps me busy…

Anyways, arrived about 8:10, thought it was going to be cloudy and no rain. WRONG! Started pouring just after the moto’s started. Of course I had to seek shelter. Not good for pics, and I had not put the waterproof cover for my camera on yet, so I could not take video either. Dumb me… My other half, (who works the gate and the 2 second card), ran over to me to give me a think plastic poncho…. The thing blew all over the place and stuck to my arms, could not seem to get a break this AM. I just ripped the damn thing off, sorry Rand.. lol The rain calmed down later on, but it was still cloudy.

Later, in the second motos the sun peeked out a few times, then for good when the racing was almost done. But the track still was in great shape, even after all the rain. The track is awesome.

I heard Nick DePalo and his family were at the track Saturday evening and celebrated Nicks birthday. He turned 21, WOW! Can’t believe it…. Also DFB had a party going on in their pit, and tons of people showed up. Way to go DFB!!

Racing today was great. Joey Keel and Dalton Myers battled ALL day, back and forth. There was NO room for error by either of them. It was good to see Dalton at the track, hope he enjoyed it. There was a guy from Ireland there today. Don’t know his name but he was riding a Honda and his number was 71. Was told he was visiting for a couple months in the states, and he was checking out Seminole Tribe Motocross. Word spreads fast when you got a good thing going like Seminole does!

Brad Bollmann #7, and Max Rash #19 were out front today. Casey Fink #51 had an awesome moto in the Four Stroke Class 2nd Moto. Skylar Demuth #23 and Ramyller Alves #222 again were keeping each other busy and on the ball.

Nick Myers was also hauling butt. Of course there is the usual C Class battle of Ditzian and Rogan. Those two, when on the track, are VERY competitive. Wayne Blackmon #815 pulled a couple hole shots, if I remember correctly. He rode awesome, and then he crashed in the last moto with another rider. Glad they are both okay.

The QUADS always put on a good show!!  I love watching the quads race, they are crazy…..  I would race one myself if I had one..  hahaha.  Anyways, McCue #76 and Moore #35 were out front the entire day.  They are crazy fast….

All I can remember at the moment, may add more race notes later. Pictures should be up late tonight or tomorrow AM. Video of the three race series and today’s race will be posted in the next couple days.


Wayne Blackmon, about 2 seconds before he connected with the other rider. Yeah… they crashed..


Jumping the BIG Single Table in the back section.


If you did not get a trophy, this is what they looked like for the overall.


Joey Keel and Dalton Myers comparing notes.. These two had awesome races today!!


Skylar Demuth checking out the scenery…..


3 Responses to Seminole Tribe Today 12/16/07 – Updated 12/17/07 evening

  1. brad7 d.f.b says:

    Look at the pic with dalton and keel..!!!

    that yellow sticker on meyers helmet is DEFF a DFB sticker

  2. i sucked this weekend =D go me!!m lol

  3. brad7 d.f.b says:

    i ended up with the overall for the weekend i had 360 points kee had 356 he ended up with 2nd i went 13/14 moto wins this weekend.. im exhausted gonna catch a nap later DZP

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