Update on Jimmy Warren #113

Update on Jimmy Warren 113 from “The Muth”(mom).

Jimmy will have surgery onSurgery on Tuesday the 18th to repair his fractured T6 vertebrea. The decision was finally made as the ligaments that were completely torn in his back will not ever heal and will cause him pain. Surgery is necessary for him to have quality of life.


4 Responses to Update on Jimmy Warren #113

  1. doublezero says:

    That is good news. He is a trooper! May daughter graduated from UCF last year. She is now at Barry University. Keep us updated and thanks..

    Shelley Walker

  2. The Muth says:

    Jimmy gets better each day now. Pain is still there but he is more mobile and is driving again. He goes back to UCF this weekend to start the next semester. Next Doctor visit is next week . Happy New Year. Karen

  3. "The Muth" says:

    It’s over. Jimmy’s surgery went well yesterday as did his recovery time. He was still in severe pain at 10 p.m., but by 2 a.m., he woke up a new person. He felt so different and better. Thank you for all of your prayers. In 6 months, he should hopefully be ready to go back to normal everyday activity. Merry Christmas to all. The Warren’s Jim, Karen, Jimmy and George

  4. The Muth says:

    please remember Jimmy in your prayers as he goes in for surgery in 2 days. Thank you all so much. You can email me and I’ll pass it on to Jimmy at ltkaren36@aol.com. The Muth

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