Who wants to wear a helmet cam……

Who wants to wear a Helmet Cam this weekend at this weekends STMX race?  One person, one of the first motos of the day…  One race….  Comment and leave your name and number.



14 Responses to Who wants to wear a helmet cam……

  1. WWMX WAYNER 815 says:


  2. Marky Flanders says:

    at least u didnt accomplish one of the things putting me back to back 1 out of 2 ha

  3. Marky Flanders says:

    You Prob will to… haha You racing tom? im riding 2 classes… dont make them back to back lol

  4. Patty says:

    Hey Marky, just for that I will make urmoto last one of the day. ha ha

  5. Edwin 456 says:


    if you want a video of what 1st place will look like, i’ll wear it! ok, so it’s beginner class, but it’s still 1st place!! ahhahaha

  6. sky #23 says:

    i’ll give you a kids view!!!!!

  7. bollmannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn dfb says:

    i do

  8. mitchel says:

    lol noo please key word marky b class c is last not b

  9. Chris Tsopelas #357 says:

    Please let me do it!! Please!!!

  10. Bobby Tsopelas says:

    I will be whipping over that new double in the back all weekend!!!!!

  11. Ericson Santana says:

    I’ll definily do it!!!

  12. Marky Flanders says:

    Mitch KEY word one of the first motos of the day haha your like always last moto for some reason

  13. mitchel says:

    hey shelly mitchel 444 i love to wear it

  14. Marky Flanders says:

    Marky Flanders #65 i would love to im hittin the double in the back so it should look cool!! if i wear it

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