Does anyone have any info on Jimmy Warren or Phillipe #395?



5 Responses to Does anyone have any info on Jimmy Warren or Phillipe #395?

  1. doublezero says:

    Thanks so much for the update. We have and will continue to pray for Jimmy.

    Shelley Walker

  2. Jimmy Warren's mom says:

    Jimmy stayed at Shands for 6 days and suffered a T-6 fracture of all 3 columns. He has trouble breathing, severe pain, some tingling in his abs and hands. No trauma to the spinal cord. I am assisting him with finishing his finals at UCF in Orlando and then he will be home. He is in a back brace for a t least 3 months and cannot drive or do anything really. He is following Doctor’s orders and would love to hear from any of his friends. My space is keeping him in touch with many. Keep praying for him to recover fully.

  3. doublezero says:

    Thanks Antony!

  4. i know about philippe..he went up to mini o’s with me. Broke his right femur on friday, had a rod and 4 screws put in his leg on the same night. He was at Shands hospital in Gainsville untill the following tuesday morning…now he’s at home in Weston just chillaxing haha. I’m going over his house tonight to visit him so i’ll let you know how he’s doing.

  5. Marky Flanders says:

    From what ive seen Im pretty sure jimmy warren is out of the hospital because he was on myspace a couple days ago and changed his head line out with a broken back but not sure

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